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  1. I cant remember, if your Pltn Co is killed, Does the Co Co have any influence(like it id in CM1) on the leaderless Pltn if it gets within a close proximity?
  2. exhausted men can recover and fight, casualties cant
  3. Is there a random uncontrollability coded into the engine for realism purposes?
  4. maybe that's a question Charles or Steve could answer?why did he not stay behind the house with his team?
  5. hey thanks, how come its not available on Ians list or scenario depot?
  6. it really isn't that difficult , but they need to do a much better job of facilitating, simplification, and explaining
  7. I believe this was in CMX1, a show all armor icons command, but I would love to see that expanded on with show all Infantry, or show all mg's , show all spotters, this would be very helpful in larger battles.
  8. Not really, that would be a hobby for me in my free time with no pressure, this is their business which they charge a fee for and I happily pay, not even in the same ballpark.
  9. I really don't have a point, Its just an impression I have,maybe skewed, that we should have more than 1 vehicle pack in 3 years.It seems like releases are slowing down, maybe that's not accurate.And I didn't say they released nothing in 3 years.I was referring to the vehicle pack releases.You would think you might have at least 2 VP releases by now?
  10. Im more than willing to hand over my money to BF and love the CM2 concept with Major releases filled in with packs and engine updates .So why 1 Vehicle Pack in 3 years?This doesn't make sense.Seems like very little content.Im a little concerned.
  11. yes my opinion is that the natural human reaction to bombs blowing up around soldiers in a building or trench would be to hug the ground, curl up, hide, and not move.Different terrain types might/should produce a different effect, like running away.
  12. ok that makes sense, so I think what Im seeing is an undesirable side effect, I think it needs to be looked at
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