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  1. Hi Brit, I am trying to talk the dozen or so other guys in our gaming group into buying EOS. One thing our group thrives on is bragging rights. EOS is a near perfect forum for establishing said rights. Not to mention this game holds my 13 year old son's interest for hours on end. I asked him how he knew how to do so much in the game and he finally had to admit playing a single player game over 100 turns... Pretty cool Thanks again Brit! CvD aka Rob
  2. Hi Brit, Yes, that's what I mean. Humble apologies for my not being more clear. Also, is it possible to determine our own saved game filename? This is slightly OT, but is there a way to run the game in server mode? We have a LAN party 3 to 4 times per year, and there is always a spare machine available. Would running a EOS game server be better than having one of the players host? Just curious since I do this sort of stuff for a living. I'm not great at it yet, but it's what I do... <grin> Always like to end on a positive note: ALWAYS loved the old Empire game, couldn't pl
  3. Hi Stellar, That is EXACTLY what happened to me and my son. If we had another save game file, we could have continued. Since we were playing as a team against the AI, no highjinx to worry about. I would also prefer a way to determine my own save game filename, if possible. Regards all, CvD, aka Rob
  4. Hello, I'm posting this toward Brit, but should be of interest than just a few of us. Last night while demonstrating EOS to a friend of mine (a birthday recipient of one my 4 copies) my son's pc crashed and we were not able to restart the game. I would load the saved game, I would accept the settings, then Ian would accept the settings, then the game would load part way through the progress bar and then it would crash with an 'invalid argument' error. What I am asking for is, can you enable more than one saved game file per game? Two minimum would be nice, but perhaps others would wan
  5. Hello all, Does anyone know if you can or better yet, should update EOS midgame? Although I have purchased 4 copies of EOS for myself and my sons, my youngest son and myself still have a demo game going and we noticed that there is an update to the game available. Any thoughts? Regards, CvD aka Rob
  6. Hello all, Just bought the game (4 copies, THANKS Battlefront!) and have run into a snag. What is the best way to load a SAVED LAN game? Second, the manual that is in the demo, is it complete or scaled down from the full version. Have had a chance to download our copies yet. Regards all, Rob aka "the Colonel"
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