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  1. ... Basra to keep in Turkish hands may be nice, but is not really important. Of course you could the first turn repeat as long you have an early Turkish entry into the war, but this would be very troublesome for an event which as I said in my opinion is not as important. Can not say any more as it was in the game with Sapare, but if it was like that because, yes, I guess I just had two times lucky. But "Sapare" You really have therefore previously lost with your Entente? You say yourself that your actions in Italy have been the deciding ..... Italy and instantly attack is legitimate because Italy was before World War 1, in an alliance with Germany and Austria. Since Italy out of the war and also held out alliance treaties with France and England had, it was quite a real possibility of CP to perform a first attack on Italy. Certainly the better option would have been as the mass death on the Western Front. Early withdrawal of Italy from the war will weaken the Entente strong and opened a further opportunity to threaten France. Moreover, in the not insignificant fleet of Italy is taken out of the Mediterranean. I hope all can understand my English.... my German is better.....
  2. My game against Osvaldo Mora has not found so unfortunately instead. For personal reasons, Osvaldo has given up. I'm so ready for the next round ... :-)))
  3. Hi, searching a match for a GC game GOLD with TCPIP, 1.01. e-mail: mozart372000 @ yahoo dot com Dragon
  4. Hi, searching a match for a WW1. Call To Arms with TCPIP, 1.05. e-mail: mozart372000 @ yahoo dot com Dragon
  5. Hi, searching a match for a WW1. Call To Arms or Triple Alliance Single or mirror. e-mail: mozart372000 @ yahoo dot com Dragon
  6. Hi, searching a match for a GC game GOLD 1.01. Single or mirror. e-mail: mozart372000 @ yahoo dot com Dragon
  7. Hi Canuck_TAR, if you like we can make a little game to play. Single or mirror? If you like. Regards, Dragon mozart372000 @ yahoo dot de
  8. GOLD Tournament??? NO.... this Tournament is running now.... it was only the GC Tournament..:-) You like to play???
  9. Hi, Seeking a match for a GC game GOLD 1.01. I have some experience, so nothing against an experienced opponent .... :-) Single or mirror. e-mail: mozart372000 @ yahoo dot com Dragon
  10. Hello, I have after the update from GC 1.07 to be the gold version the problem the icons displayed incorrectly. Starts all quite normal.
  11. Hi, presumably it is somewhere and I'm stupid to find it. But where are the e-mail addresses for the next opponent?:confused:
  12. @Colin Yes, we can play a game.... Which side you like to play??? If you like..... mozart372000 @ yahoo dot de
  13. I then give order for general mobilization of troops!!
  14. @ Rambo 've always cute sayings on it ....:-))) And a nice balance of fighting ... If I remember correctly, I am responsible for 2 of your 4 losses .... You do not even ne little revenge?
  15. Hi I once played against the computer and got the last train a small victory. Otherwise likely to max. one draw coming out .... I think ....:-) But may like to make a match??
  16. Hi, when it is finally happening for now? We are still working on a patch or what is the exact reason for the delay? Or have I missed and what the tournament has been running ????:eek::eek::eek::eek: My final game against Minty is nearing the end .... is the time it goes off.
  17. Current situation on the fronts: Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar are exempt. Germany does not seem able to strike with tanks or Tactbombern against. Why?? Here you can see why. From a German summer offensive, you can not talk straight. The Germans lost many tanks and armies here. Even in Africa, the British attack in full swing and Germany was forced to return after Cairo. In India the situation is still critical. However, the Japanese succeeded as yet no further advance. In Manchuria, there are still Russian troops.
  18. Current situation on the fronts: Moscow and Stalingrad are captured in the moment and no significant Russian troops in sight. South Africa has to surrender to the Japanese people and large parts of the country are under control. The two major Indian cities have been conquered by the Germans. India has not yet capitulated. Manchuria is under control of the Japanese. It has also been a very big battle in the Indian Ocean. The U.S. lost many battle ships and one aircraft carrier. The backlash is now expected.:eek:
  19. Well, if based on historical gifts then the same effect but should be at 1914 Call To Arms, or ??:-) But since Belgium capitulated .....
  20. Quick question, if Germany conquered the capital of Belgium, Belgium does not surrender. Even after 5 additional rounds. Is that intentional or a mistake?
  21. Hi guys! am looking forward to this tournament and hope that it will soon go now ....:-) Since we do mirror games, I do not find it so important to change scenarios with the rules as they are balanced. Too many rules will only lead to confusion. Of course it's a shame if the Germans in the scenario you mentioned probably have no chance but what the heck. Then it all depends on who defeated the Germans in faster. In addition, this course would be played only once ....:-)
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