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  1. Have you played a person yet? The AI is OK are sneaky devious and a lot better a generally messing up your day.
  2. Sorry I am late to the party. I am the other half of this battle and since kinophile asked about the timing I will go over what happened with this engagement. It is a little complicated. I will go by the turn countdown timer, we are at 38:36 when the BMP-2M spots the tank. 38:35, the vehicle turns towards the tank, and the gunner is aiming, the 30mm is the current weapon 38:34 1st Squad/A team first an RPG-26 which hits the tank, it gets pretty confusing here as B team also fires three RPG-26's, all miss. I am sure of the hit but not which team did it. 38:31 The gunner f
  3. I don't know the in game ATGM's at all, do any of them now have more than one ammo type? Modeling what is loaded into the launcher will be difficult if the crew is 50m away and you want to switch to an HE round. Line if sight would have to be modeled from the launcher, not the crew. Being able to deploy the launcher on the top of a building and move the crew behind the building would be a huge advantage.
  4. I always follow the tried and true system of never send a sqaud where a scout team has not gone. Never send a platoon were a squad has not gone. Your vehicles should generally be at the rear. They only have to advace if they do not have a weapon that can provide effective fire to cover your advancing teams. A tank or IFV can sit back at several thousand meters if it has good enough weapons and a clear line of sight. You should learn how to use UAV's in conjonction with artillery, they are possibly the most powerful item in your arsenal
  5. lol, a friend of mine had a1950's tank periscope. We used it for LOS.
  6. I am a long time lurker here, having started with CM:BO. I lost my original forum name sometime between CM:AK and SM:SF. I also play other games in addition to Normandy and Black Sea. One of those is Arma 3. The beauty of Arma 3 is how much it can be customized with mods. I currently am a member of Response Force Alpha We are a fictitious NATO Special Ops unit. We chose a fictitious unit out of respect for current or recent ACTUAL military members. We are a year old at this point, but still under strength and I though it might be interesting for some of the members here if they play ARMA
  7. Guilty. I have been around since the start but lost my original login for some reason I no longer remember. I used to post a lot, but have since moved on to other games and forums. I always some back here though since really CM is the best mix of gameplay size and subject for my gaming.
  8. Considering Russia's recent war with Georgia I would like to see the Georgian Army added.
  9. Thank you IanL, we tried that. I suspect he as screwed up the battle and is not willing to admit it.
  10. My opponent said there is a problem with our current game file. I sent him a Quick Battle 035 but he claims it opens to the Russian password screen (he is the US) It works fine when I try to load it. Before I spend a lot of time digging into this or accuse him of trying to cheat can someone download this file and test that it opens to the US password screen https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32264237/Quick%20Battle%20035.ema Please don't download if you already have a QB by that name going, I don't want to mess up someone else's game. thanks in advance Mesha
  11. Below is the link ot the dtic.mil download. http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA293440 http://www.slideshare.net/BrianLucke/the-us-army-squad-foundation-of-the-decisive-force is an interesting slideshare on the current US Army Squad that may cover some of the period you asked about. I think it's interesing that as part of Force XXI they considered reducing the squad to 7 men, with the assumption that technology would help make up the difference. In the end however they stuck with 9 men.
  12. I am always amazed at the great dialog that goes on here. So one other thought occurred to me, does any of this change if the opponent has on some form of body armor? I don't recall the insurgents having it in CMSF. Do Russian or Ukrainian troops have any form of protection?
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