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  1. Busco oponente para hoy . CMBN . y comonwealth . Es lo que tengo . Buen Sparring . Juego rápido.En PBEM. I'm looking for an opponent today. CMBN. And comonwealth. It is what I have. Good Sparring. Play fast. In PBEM.
  2. http://youtu.be/mHa6vpbU-hk :confused::eek:
  3. In October the new league starts CMBN. Subscribe to http://www.ostfrontwargames.es/ Original and unpublished Scenarios. We specialize in H2H scenarios
  4. Shok Force NATO tournament. Information and recruits : Tournament
  5. http://s795.photobucket.com/albums/yy237/alfalfax/After%20midnight/?albumview=slideshow Slideshow After midnigth
  6. http://s795.photobucket.com/albums/yy237/alfalfax/After%20sunrise/?albumview=slideshow Slideshow After sunrise
  7. Me gusta mucho el proyecto , desde Ostfront lo apoyamos. Poco podemos hacer pero ya esta puesto un banner en el sitio. I really like the project, from Ostfront support it. Little can be done but already put a banner on the site.
  8. http://www.ostfrontwargames.com/ It is also a place where you can find opponents. Has ladder and leagues. The language does not matter to play but you will understand perfectly. También es un sitio donde puedes encontrar oponentes . Tiene ladder y ligas. El idioma para jugar no importa pero se te entenderá perfectamente. As discussed in "barbaro" nobody pays attention, but we have spent years playing combat mission. Como hablamos en barbaro nadie nos hace caso , pero llevamos años jugando a combat mission
  9. Hello dear fighters .Looking for a rival CMBN .My language is Spanish (from Spain) but that's not a problem to play a good game.The scenario would be a meeting H2H .What you can see in the repository BN . " A violent encounter ". I am indifferent the side.I use dropbox for sending files. Volunteers?
  10. Versión 2 is now available. Corrects any unit in the deployment.Bocage a bit more open.Appearance of some rhino. For questions : http://www.ostfrontwargames.com/ The language will not be a problem. I guess.
  11. Me alegro ...pero sera una dura partida . El bando azul lo tiene condenadamente dificil. Y el bando rojo tiene que tener nervios de acero. I'm glad ... but it will be a tough game. The blue side has it damn hard. And the red side has to have nerves of steel. Poder y la gloria. Power and the glory. Greetings
  12. Gracias Erwin. Tal vez ...algun dia yo mismo me pongo a ello.. Thanks Erwin. Maybe some day ... I'm putting myself to it .. La pena es que no tengo mucho tiempo. The pity is that I have not much time. Greetings
  13. Gracias a ti. Si lo que hago es del agrado de algun jugador me siento recompensado. Thank you. If what I do is acceptable to any player I am rewarded. Best regards
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