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  1. maybe hes just used to seeing his XOs do nothing of the above. I know im not.
  2. This mod is going to make me nostalgic, the desert cammies + woodland flak is just how i used to roll in my first two years in 😌
  3. Yeah I will be getting this when its done...great work!
  4. OPERATION "OPPORTUNE STRIKE" MINI CAMPAIGN The date is April 06, 2010. For the past winter, Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) 8222 (callsign Dagger 22), along with Afghan and International Security Forces have been taking on the Taliban in the secluded Bala Murghab valley, in the north of the country. Their mission: prevent the enemy from launching their yearly spring offensive. Just 2 kilometres south of Bala Murghab disctricT center lies the town of Daneh Pasab, Taliban controled territory and logisctical hub from which the offensive will be launched. After several months of work,
  5. hmhmmhhmhm gona have to test that...that would be a preety good discovery
  6. Is it just me or does the Mk-19 seem to have a faster fire rate than IRL?
  7. Members US SOF ODA 1314 and 4th Afghan Commando Kandak aproach the village of Daneh Pasab during the early hours of April 06 2010, executing the initial stages of Operation "Opportune Strike". (Soon)
  8. Tried what you said, and also used a different website to resize the image to JPEG then saved it as a BMP in paint after that...now it works... The post may be deleted, sorry i just didnt know why it was happening. Thank you all
  9. I have been trying to input an image into my scenario description but this keeps hapening. Ive tried with lots of different pictures, all BMP and all 170x170. Still this strange purple thing at the left of the image keeps occurin. Why could it be? thank you. PD: running CMSF2 v2.01
  10. Also upping their experience works, making them crack or elite has made them act more in a one shot one kill kinda way. But thats just me.
  11. Correct! Operation Opportune Strike. or atleast based on it, taking into account the game engine etc etc. There is actually a lot of footage on YT, some of them clearing the village but mostly of when the team took up overwatch over the village and started engaging targets in the village proper and calling in CAS. One of the vids: PS: and ive actually recreated this area on the map, on the area where i suspect this position to be, And sure any advice you can give me is welcome. ill maybe shoot you a DM with the oob and my plans for the scenario later on 👍
  12. Its in Badghis Province, north west of the country. Bonus points to whoever recognizes the battle im trying to recreate. And yes its almost finished, just have to finish that top bit there. looking forward to it...tired of making compounds jajaja
  13. I managed to knock out a static t55 with a 120mm mortar, not precision...but it works.
  14. When was this approved? wasnt the UK planning on buying the ASCOD (or AJAX as they called it) as their new IFV? EDIT: Correction, I now see the AJAX was just for specialist vehicles.
  15. you have a link or somehign to a report on that? if its public offcourse jaajja. I dont know...what are the positives? I understand the use of suppresors for covert actions but for a full on infantry confrontation? The only positives i can think out of the top of my head are maybe the abiliy to hear orders better but....
  16. Sure here you go: PS: the uncon green tick is just a friendly bonus of 60, but im sure you know that
  17. Well im sure it was alot of luck also, about half the casualties where due to RPG hits which could have caused atleast some dead! Im sure I wont be able to replicate it jajaja. And yes I did exit all the guys in time.
  18. Just finished the mission, first I complete in CMSF2! Had a good amount of fun on it great scenario Took heavier casualties than I expected but atleast no dead so, success! Also i found it really cool that I managed to take so many prisoners.
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