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  1. In the end you go to battle with what you have...we in the west "mostly" have the luxury of having a lot of equipment to go about. Its something thats suprised me for a couple of years now, all the video of the tiger forces and the 4th armoured with preety much no standard equipment. Then again thats not everything, You dont have to just look the part, you have to play the part and im sure after all these years these guys know what they are doing. You can tell when you watch them. A plate carrier is nice but combat experience is better.
  2. That guy is a russian reporter, hes been following the tigers for a while now. Oleg something is his name edit: Oleg Blokhin is the name, some parts say he is a reporter, others a mercenary.
  3. This should be the one : http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/cmsf2-usmc-helmets-and-gear/
  4. Strange, they seem to work preety well with me on the get go. They would/should look like this when you play around with it. https://ibb.co/v37s9xr
  5. Might want to check out some Syrian civil war scenarios being worked on, they are really interesting to play.
  6. Sweeeeet! @sburke Have you thought of using Mjkerners USMC gear and helmets mod to have the marines wear woodland? to simulate the woodland MOPP gear they where wearing?
  7. Thats amazing jajajaja wow, all this looks so good
  8. Ive tried reinstalling several times with different patch configurations but when i click on it to input my codes it wont open. When i click it a small CMD window opens and nothig else. CMBS right now is fully installed with all the patches. Install order was v.103 2.00 patch 2.12 patch Im running windows 10. Any idea what i need to do?
  9. Wasnt one of the points of adopting 5.56 was that it was less lethal than 7.62?
  10. I see what you did there very nice touch!!!
  11. This is what i ussually do, and this helped me alot in the german campaing, If i had 155mm artillery available (mortars are too inacurate for this) and I needed a building gone. id set a point target on it and set 1 tube, general and short duration. This is noramly enough to destroy a one to two story building and take out its ocupants while saving on amunition. witht 3+ stories you need more ammo but hey, improvise and adapt. I ussualy save the mortars for area bombardment.
  12. Some of my favourite sceanarios have involved make shift spec ops. 3.10 to Yuma comes to mind, the special forces evacuation mission in the stock campaign, and a couple of them in other player made campaigns and scenarios.. If done right they can be really cool to play.
  13. Good thing about the current version of the engine one can create similar looking Spec Ops units, attaching sniper teams, Jtacs, vehicles etc etc. So its just up the creators imagination.
  14. ahh right! good to hear will reinstall BS with all the updates. Thank you!
  15. Where may one download the CMBS Battle pack? its no longer listed to dowload in the website. Thank you.
  16. It seems to be all squads of all formations armed with PKMs. They all start with just 100 rounds.
  17. preety good man, ive been thinking of modding some of that area aswell.... looks great keep it up!
  18. Southfront is obviously biased, but if you can see through it its i believe one of the best sources of day to day news about what going on in Syria. And produce alot of very cool mini documentaries. PS: here is another extremely long but extremely interesting about "the workshop", where IS did alot of its modifications of alot of its armoured vehicles. It goes extremely into depth. Recomend if you have the time http://spioenkop.blogspot.com/2017/08/armour-in-islamic-state-story-of.html
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