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  1. 2 hours ago, IanL said:

    Oh that's odd. I just saw them as grease guns but now that you say MP40 they clearly are. I cannot imagine what would cause that. Perhaps a patch install issue. I wonder about a mod problem but it doesn't feel like that. Did you recently install the patch? If so can you verify that the .exe file has a date close to the patch release date? You could also try putting your mods aside (move the directory) just be be sure.

    It was part of a scenario that started with the previous patch yes, I still have the save file about, if someone wishes to have a look at it. 

  2. 1 hour ago, IanL said:

    What happened?


    A US Airborne HQ team armed with MP40s and Kar90k´s . Is this a mistake or is it in the OOB? I cant find it.


    1 hour ago, IanL said:

    There was a forum sw update from the provider the other day. There were some issues that were being ironed out. I hope what you are experiencing is temporary. Perhaps try again once the black on blue quote colours have been changed - that's one of the problem that was being worked on.

    Thought it might be that, Will try again in a couple of days or next week...Thanks for the response :)



    Since its summer, im on leave and do not have much to do but rush through CM scenarios, im finding myself about to play the “My Honor Is Loyalty” scenario in CMBN and thought id do a Little AAR to well…pass the time. Also I enjoy rading AARs. I learn alot from what tactics people use and I like to see how different people aproach different scenarios. I hope it will be mildly entertaining for you all too.


    Scenario Briefing:





    Notes about force composition:

    1st Battalion/3rd SS Panzergrenadier Regiment "Deutschland": Composed of 3 Rifle companies each with the same organization (Except 1.Kompanie which is mounted and has its halftracks present). Each Kompanie has its 3 rifle paltoons, its heavy platoon consisting of a heavy machine gun platoon and its cannon platoon of 2 Stummels.

    Battalion support assets include its cannon platoon of 6 Stummels, its reconnaisance platoon, a forward observer team, and the Panzer companie, with its HQ (2 Panthers) 2 Platoons with 4 Panthers and another 2 Platoons with 3 Panthers (16 Panthers in total).

    Off map support includes each of the Kompanies 81mm mortar bateries (3x2 81mm bateries with 100 rounds each), a 105mm battery with 56 rounds and a 15mm Nebelwerfer baterry with 72 rounds.   


    I will write later on about what my plans are for the scenario, see what you guys think.

    [URL=https://bbcode0.com/full/2020/8/19/9db45c06f9a3c4dd25ab6c54480c2a8f-full.jpg.html][IMG]https://cdn1.bbcode0.com/uploads/2020/8/19/9db45c06f9a3c4dd25ab6c54480c2a8f-prev.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=https://imggmi.com]free image host[/URL]

  4. 21 minutes ago, Zveroboy1 said:

    Very nice Boche. I like the annotated graphic in the second picture with the path you took etc, makes it easy to see what you did. That's very interesting and useful for me. And also cool little story about the rpg gunner. By the way how did you use the F16? Point target right? And you encountered no IED or landmine?

    It is funny because I just finished replaying it myself and used a different avenue of approach than in my previous tests and at first everything was going fine. Then 5 minutes later an ANA HQ steps on a mine then a second squad panics and piles on the HQ detonating another mine, a pickup gunner gets shot and it all went pear shaped real fast. I went from thinking it was maybe too easy to too difficult in the span of 5 minutes. Depending on what AI plan you draw it can vary quite a bit the result.

    I don't know how you use spoiler tags.

    Yes the F16 was used on a point mission right on the building. And no i encountered no IED or mines, i made an effort of not going on the roads or paths as the briefing said there where IEDs in the area, I used the right hook both due to the high buildings and due to the fact it wasnt the direct avenue of aproach. Its funny also as I left the FO and JTAC behind i was thinking. "what if the AI designer has put in a trigger, that if i go this route the talibs are gona come at me from the left". I then saw movement coming from the left and thought they where coming my way! Turns out it was just some guys retreating  😄


  5. Well that was a good little scenario! Going to put in a litte AAR:


    Here are my end results.


     Not bad. I dont recall having that many dead, some of the wounded must have died later on. 2 of the dead casualties where on the way to the actual objective, one from a sniper shot to the head, another from an RPG shot to the face. The rest of the wounded and dead where suffered on the last assault on the objective due to the entrenched enemy. Our first dead man caused on the of the most interesting revenge stories i have seen in CMSF. 

    This was my main scheme of maneuver. I decided to do a right hook since i wanted to capture both of the 2 story+roof buildings in A and C to serve as OPs for my fire support teams and observers, to provide me with good overwatch as I moved in:


    A squad took over overwatch positions in A as the other platoon moved accross the field towards B. They came under sniper fire, which was quickly located as coming from C. The said squad returned fire. The sniper changed targets and managed to head shot the RPG operator from said squad. 


    His neihgbour, the PKM gunner became angry and shocked at the sudden death of his friend, decided to do somthing about it. He took the RPG from his friend cold dead hands and loaded in a rocket. Fired....damn a miss, but close. He aimed again and fired, hitting the enemy snipers position spot on. a 300m shot...not bad for a green squad. He was to carry his friend RPG for the rest of the mission but sadly did not score any more kills.


    The rest of the platoon hopping from B to E saw small contacts but easily dealth with with long range fire power and suppresion (all enemy contacts marked with a red X). On the way i took sniper fire from the middle of the map and decided on a quick and short mortar attack using personnel rounds to clear the roofs (marked with a purple X). it was all a bit too far off to attack directly. I refrained from using the air support unless i really needed it or found a very difficult point to attack.

    As i attacked F i received fire from both F and G and it became clear it was going to be harder. a lone but very stubborn RPG gunner was dealth with in F after very heavy suppresion fire. After F was occupied the squad there recieved RPG fire from close to G,  killing another soldier. 

    I decided to lay low, concentrate an assault platoon at F, air strike the buiding in G (gold X) where i was taking fire from, the attack marking the start of the assault. 


    Breaching my way in soldiers on overwatch on F took casualties aswell as the assaul force attacking the last compound in G, where i found several enemies entrenched in the last house. After trading fire for more than 2 minutes without success, one of my guys threw a grenade right into the enemy building through the door, managing some kills and allowing the squad to obtain fire superiority. The building was assalted the next turn and secured, with 0 seconds to go on the clock! 


    In all i enjoyed it! I liked the troop composition and the enemy placing. Could have done with maybe another 20 mins added onto the clock, but in all thumbs up ! Thanks for the scenario 😁

    PS: I cant seem to find the spoiler system for the forum, has it changed?


    1 hour ago, 37mm said:

    I have (very) vague memories of the CMSF original but the CMSF2 update was certainly different.

    I gave it a quick spin...

    ... the Syrians have a lot of advantages & one bad move can lead to horrific losses.

    It's tricky but a hell of a blast.


    Well that wasnt too bad! Bad luck with that squad but apart from that didnt go too badly. Quick question what sound mod was that again? Cheers!

  7. 21 hours ago, Mr.X said:


    I made three campaigns:

    A Bloody Ride - CMBN 2011 - 7 to 8 battles with Panzerlehr-Division

    Welcome to Sicily - CMFI 2013 or 2014 - 3 battles with allied Troops in July 43

    Zawiya Uprising - CMSF I 2014 - 8 battles, Red vs Red 

    These are available in the repository.

    I have never made much Promotion for my work.

    And from 2014 to 2020, children, work and Real Life stopped any ambition to create more content.



    interesting, I will look up "a bloody ride" and "Zawiya uprising", I dont own CMFI, yet atleast :P. cheers for the reply!

  8. 16 hours ago, Mr.X said:

    I have created 3 campaigns from 2011 to 2014, but this is the hugest one. 
    It is a beast. And making  Master-Maps sometimes is a feeling like working in the hell😱

    There are Four Maps of around 2 x 2 km, one Map of around 650 x 650m and at the moment, I am struggeling with a map of 3 x 1,8 km😬

    And still two more maps waiting...

    What other campaigns have you made mate? 😁

  9. 1 hour ago, Erwin said:

    I hear ya...  I know that merely playtesting is a lot of work, but nothing close to the work needed to actually design and develop a campaign.  

    Well its only 2 scenarios long jajaa but I have to say you have motivated me to get back on it. I dont know when but I will finish it soon! I will need help when it comes to making the actual campaign files etc though. will let you all know.

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