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  1. @Artkin Is that map for sale? If so, could you point me in the right direction. Going through the designers page and Tik's YT page, I can't find any reference to your image you posted. Cheers
  2. Sorry, Combatintman I do have everything as per your criteria you've got on the screenshot, but then where do I find them. They aren't showing up under vehicles or specialist teams or I'm absolutely blind. Can you post a screenshot of your screen with your ability to select VBIEDs? Are they hidden under the formation groups?
  3. I can't seem to find these lovely destructive weapons. Am I missing something?
  4. I've got a graphics glitch. When buildings or roofs collapse the whole graphic goes full black. Repeatable. iMac 5K running Mojave Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 M290x
  5. Boom. Worked like a charm. I appreciate the help. From everyone. Cheers
  6. Ultra No offence taken. This is the code I'm pasting in. Battlepack: Shipment # 1 - Shipment status: Pending CMBS Battle Pack 1 CMBS-P1V4 There is no download for this product Activation Code(s):
  7. Ian Thanks for the help but it's not working. My CMBS is version 2.0 Engine 4. I did manage to bring up the activate product dialog but when I input my activation key (obtained from BF website) for the product, all I get is: Unlock success. Main game & Game Engine 4 (green boxes). Nothing about the battle pack. When I hit play, no new content. Hmmmm. I see you are in Ontario. I'm in Ottawa.
  8. Weird I purchased the CMBS battle pack, but I had to reinstall the game a few months ago and just noticed the battle pack is not installed. How would I go about doing this as I can't download it. *Note: I'm on a Mac using 10.11.6 Cheers
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