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    BodyBag reacted to Thewood1 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    And you get as a result exactly what is put into it.  A very typical old school way of running a software company is to think no testing saves time and money for doing "real" coding in work.  In reality, it does the opposite, as we are seeing here.  Years and months between patches and customers getting antsy.  BFC obviously runs their company the way they want, but sure seems like a an all volunteer testing force with a testing plan with some holes in it is just leading to trouble.
    Even one man coding shops can be easily found that have rigid testing tasks.  Those are the people that understand about paying a dollar now saves ten down the road.  It is a lesson I can't believe has to be discussed again.  It gets relearned constantly.
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    BodyBag reacted to Dynaman216 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Not if the bug in question suspends disbelief in the simulation.
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    BodyBag reacted to Bozowans in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    A lot of other game developers release small "hotfix" patches for their games if they find an important issue. Like a patch that just fixes one thing. It makes me wonder why Battlefront never does anything like that. I would rather download several small patches over time than wait two years for one big one. 
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    BodyBag reacted to Buck72 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    "That is really just an unacceptable amount of time for a developer to fix a problem that was introduced in a paid upgrade to a product."
    I completely agree with you, TGarner. I've hardly played any of the games that I own and paid for (ALL the WWII titles and all upgrades), for the past two years, because of the more infuriating problems with the previous upgrade. I used to love the games and played regularly, so it is even more of a shame that the prevalent culture here is that the customer is little more an an irritant and liable to be ignored for months on end - except when it comes to promoting new product and 'upgrades'. It is hardly surprising that these games are such a niche market when even the small current customer base is treated with such continued disdain. 
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    BodyBag reacted to Bulletpoint in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    No, I have been waiting patiently for the patch all along. Have no interest in CMSF2.
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    BodyBag reacted to JSj in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    I didn't think it was going to be a long wait either, in the fall of 2015, when it was said that the release of Final Blitzkrieg was close. Then, as time went on, I thought there was going to be a release at the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge, in December... but no, it was not released until in April 2016. So, I am not holding my breath for CMSF 2 or an Engine 4 patch anytime soon. Like I said, we're on Battlefront time here.
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    BodyBag reacted to JSj in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    We're on Battlefront time here. This means, check back in 6 months, and if you're lucky, you'll see a message about the patch now finally being almost ready, and it will be released "soon".
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    BodyBag reacted to DesertFox in The patch?   
    I can help you here...I´m wanting to see some kind of progress with this game as much as you want, however we all have learned that TIME has a special meaning to this company. Maybe we just need to be patient and check back 2020 if there will be some kind of patch released.
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    BodyBag reacted to DesertFox in The patch?   
    Most people don´t care anymore. And frankly almost 18 months for a patch...pfff. Shows that the developer doesn´t care either for one reason or the other. Don´t get me wrong it´s their business, they can do whatever they want. But the average customer expectation is to get stuff fixed within a reasonable amount of time and to communicate with the customer. Since neither is taking place here everyone has to draw his own conclusions.
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    BodyBag reacted to Rinaldi in The patch?   
    Tell me Squarehead, do you enjoy being wrong when you try to taunt others?
    The last map published for Black Sea with an AI plan: just coming up to the 7 month mark.  The one before that, mid-summer 2017. That's just for BS: let's look at the latest uploads of finished, published scenarios:
    An empty QB map;  A H2H for CMBN; A H2H for CMFB; 4 maps for CMSF, which do not suffer from the AI problems I'm noticing a stunning lack of singleplayer scenarios being published here. You sure showed me. Once again: if you're going to have a go at me, bring your A game, not this drek. I'd say that the sheer effort involved in publishing maps is among one of the reasons, but the futility of playing singleplayer is almost certainly a factor as well. As to those who are trucking on: my hats off to them, I do not share their patience for the broken state of SP play - and I'd wager they are in the minority.
    Finally, how many maps have you published for the 4.0 version games, again? 
    PS: the irony of being called a loon by a conspiracy peddling contrarian is, by the way, not lost on me. Trot on.

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    BodyBag reacted to Sulomon in The patch?   
    Yeah he's right.  As stated numerous times by numerous people, the infantry bug simplifies winning as the attacker into "fire arty barrage on defending enemy units."  It's not hard to see the problems with this.  
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    BodyBag reacted to Rinaldi in The patch?   
    Apparently you are too busy being your contrarian self ("opinions that are not my own are rubbish, but do not take me to task for my rubbish opinions") to truly grasp the point being made:
    AI is objectively broken, making even the most fine-tuned AI plan impossible to evaluate in testing. This is a direct result of AI cutting and running after the lightest of indirect fires; a botched, if well-meaning, implementation of additional self-preservation features. This guts singleplayer play, and trivializes it. Which brings me back to the salient point of: why bother wasting my time attempting to code AI plans in that environment? Which is a key part of single-player scenario design.
    Note I didn't say I've stopped designing maps or indeed even scenarios for head to head; which if you spent more time walking around with your eyes open you'd have noticed: a map has been published and a second scenario based on another's map is currently being playtested. I don't make maps for the piss of it, I create them for a scenario, and the current singleplayer projects I was helping create are impossible to evaluate with 4.0 in its current form. Was the AI plan trash, or did the human tester fire some off-map 105 and make an entire platoon cartwheel into a MG? Do I need to draw a picture for you?
    Yawn. Not when the issue is fundamentally beyond the scope of a scenario designer.
    Next time you have a go at me, or decide to call something I say rubbish, make sure all your synapses are firing, your contrarian drivel is truly starting to bore me now. 
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    BodyBag reacted to Rinaldi in The patch?   
    Actually, it is quite good reasoning. I basically abandoned/put on hold my work on Ithikial's latest project (geared towards Single player) because 'fire few rounds of 60mm and HE, slaughter battalion of rats swarming in the open' was neither challenging, fun, or rewarding as a scenario designer to see. Before you go 'but you can plan the AI now and wait on the patch...' I've been waiting on the patch for quite long enough already, when I have other ideas I want to put down (such as my H2H scenarios in Black Sea) and it makes playtesting impossible, and functionally moving ahead also.
    I see no point in pumping out something that will be for all intents and purposes unplayable. Wasted effort. That's what the singleplayer and mapmaking experience is currently like in the series: un-play-able. 
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    BodyBag reacted to slippy in The patch?   
    I totally agree with some of the posts above, taking all things into consideration it surely would not hurt battlefront to just post a quick update once a month or something similar. It would not take a lot of time and would do countless good for their customer relations. At the moment it all seems a bit one sided, battlefront hold all the cards and we, the customer just have to wait until they deem necessary for any updates etc, in my opinion that is not how a company should behave in this day and age, it should be a two-way street of input/output so that customer and provider feel they are both benefiting in some way.
    Add into this the changed AI behavior that has made many scenarios/campaigns unplayable, and therefore the reluctance of users to create more content until this is fixed. All of these things add up to put battlefront in a poor light, with time users will grow tired and look elsewhere, and that would be a shame for all of us.
    All we are asking for is a little communication!
    regards and hopeful, slipper
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    BodyBag reacted to The Steppenwulf in The patch?   
    I've got to admit I now have more than two games (as of this evening) on hold because of poor AI behaviour that have stopped play. When veteran troops (and +2), rested and OK are in cover behind bocage but come under pinning fire, they do not run out from the bocage into the exposed field of fire  - unless they first panic or at least become nervous. Pinned does not mean panic, it means pinned! Infuriating stuff!
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    BodyBag reacted to Ivan Zaitzev in CMFI Rome to Victory Beta AAR Teaser ScreenShots!   
    A bit discouraging to know that some things are still wip, was hoping for the module to be almost ready after all this time.
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    BodyBag reacted to SgtHatred in The patch?   
    Only stopping along the way to commit as many warcrimes as they could. Mad respect over here.
    Anyway, it took Battlefront 3 versions to add a toggle for music independent of the sound toggle. 1+ years to correct a real bug is in the correct ballpark.
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    BodyBag reacted to Aragorn2002 in 2 Years, 1 month, and 10 days, since Rome module   
    Personally I think this has gone beyond 'funny'. Are we entitled to more information? Probably not. Would it show some courtesy to the customers to give more information? Definitely. We aren't a bunch of impatient school boys, we are people who have a passion for these games and would like to be kept informed about it's progress. Personally I  think that's not too much to ask.
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    BodyBag got a reaction from Rinaldi in 2 Years, 1 month, and 10 days, since Rome module   
    Why the patch for the 4.0 upgrade has not gotten first priority, is really strange. It should have been fixed long time ago.
    It does not make economic sense either. A lot of people who wanted to buy the upgrade, did not do so, because of the problems.
    I am one of the many, who is just waiting on BF to get their act together, in order to buy upgrade 4.0 for my games.
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    BodyBag reacted to Miller786 in The patch?   
    A rotten argument, just because you can use other tactics i doesn't mean that single shot bren guns aren't a big deal, if i wanted a close range weapon i would have 2 sten guns in my sections...
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    BodyBag reacted to Holman in The patch?   
    I've made the point several times, but for me the 4.0 issue is experienced troops leaving cover and running when (in previous engines) they would instead briefly cower, simulating just keeping their heads down.
    I've had fresh elite and crack British paras run out of heavy buildings when they came under rifle or very distant MG fire for less than a minute.  Something has definitely changed.
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    BodyBag reacted to Miller786 in The patch?   
    Try fighting german squads with mg42s firing bursts with your good old british sections with single shot bren guns, i'd say that's pretty game breaking in certain scenarios... after 14 months and no patch people will complain, like it or not, and they do not care how marginal you think the issues are. 14 months are a long time.
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    BodyBag reacted to Hardradi in The patch?   
    Rightly or wrongly I am with CptMiller and Bozowans here. Millers video is very telling and mimics what I have seen in battles vs the AI.
    I have been waiting for a fix to continue my Road to Nijmegen campaign since April last year. To me the change to 4.0 was like chalk and cheese for the desperate Airborne in the later battles of this campaign.
    Not hating just saying.
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    BodyBag reacted to IICptMillerII in The patch?   
    @Kuderian @slysniper
    If you watch this video and still think there is absolutely no problem, you're either high, delusional, or both. 
    The fact is, there IS an issue, and Steve has already acknowledged it and said there will be a patch that addresses it. Again to reiterate what I've already said, I would like it if the patch was out sooner rather than later, but I'm not all butthurt that it hasn't been released yet. 
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    BodyBag reacted to SgtHatred in The patch?   
    So why are people complaining about it?
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