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  1. Not really. It's more likely that BF has prioritized the new projects higher, and left the patch on the backburner. There has also been very little communication from BF's side regarding the patch, although it has been brought up many times on the forum the last 14 months. Which is why we are left guessing...
  2. It's also bad economics! A lot of people like myself, never bothered to upgrade from 3.0, because of the problems with 4.0. We are just waiting to buy the upgrade for our games, whenever BFC get their act together. Very strange BFC don't care about that income, and customers have to wait more than a year for a patch!
  3. Why the patch for the 4.0 upgrade has not gotten first priority, is really strange. It should have been fixed long time ago. It does not make economic sense either. A lot of people who wanted to buy the upgrade, did not do so, because of the problems. I am one of the many, who is just waiting on BF to get their act together, in order to buy upgrade 4.0 for my games. Cheers,
  4. Nice to hear that something is finally being done to fix engine 4.0, after more than a year! I never bothered to upgrade my games from 3.0 after watching how it spoiled the gameplay, and I'm not the only one. If the patch are successful, BF will prob. see a rush of customers upgrading their older games. Looking forward to CMRT module 2. Cheers,
  5. Well, I could say the same for your position. We already have hundreds of scenarios and hundreds of vehicles,- I don't think people are yearning for yet another variant of tank X or vehicle Y. Scenario-makers have problems getting people to DL and play their work, because we already have so many to choose from. I think a lot of people would be interested in enhancing the quality of the EXISTING games, campaigns and scenarios through an upgrade of animations and sound-design. And I can't tell you how many ressources it would take, or if it would delay anything, and neither can yo
  6. Why not? There are a lot of shooting ranges in the US where you can try most of the guns used in WW2. Having a guy with a mic, recording the sounds to use in the game, does not seem that difficult. Besides, in a game that simulates realism in battle, having real and authentic gun-sounds will be a HUGE selling point for most of the potential customers.
  7. Because the sound mods are a mixed bag, in my opinion. Some of the gun/vehicle sounds are better than stock, a lot are worse, and none of them are based on AUTHENTIC recordings of the REAL guns and vehicles. For me it would be worth $30 to have a sound-DLC that used real recordings of a MG42, BAR, Pz IV and so on. These things matters a lot for my immersion, and would enhance the whole CM series.
  8. It's the newest standard called UltraWide. When it comes to gaming, the 21:9 aspect ratio offers a ‘Field Of View’ (FOV) advantage in most titles.
  9. True, I also have surround sound in my gaming room. And my 34" monitor in 3440 x 1440 shows how pretty CM can look, but also reveals the shortcomings... Cheers,
  10. Yes, I would gladly pay for better and more lifelike animations. The suppressed fetal position is getting really, really old... A sound upgrade based on REAL and distinct vehicle- and weapon sounds, would also be worth $10-30 for me. I would have no problem funding a Kickstarter Campaign for that purpose Cheers,
  11. Thanks, me and my pixeltruppen has been waiting... Cheers,
  12. Great work, but it's too dark for my taste. If you have a bright, blue sky like that, the ground and vegetation looks way to dark and filled with shadows. Your tree-trunks are almost black. Just my opinion...
  13. Gentlemen,- I think we found the new Aris Big shoes to fill, but I am hopeful Cheers,
  14. Sorry, I just browsed the review fast,- looked only at the first couple of pictures...
  15. Why don't you use some of Battlefronts own screenshots from their product-page? I'm sure they want them used in a review of the game, and there are 20+ to choose from. A lot of reviewers use screenshots provided by game-developers. They are in high resolution, 2,5 K and 4 K and looks great,- way better than any of yours. Cheers,
  16. If it makes you feel better, even people with kick-ass machines and $800 graphic cards like myself, cannot play this game at 60 fps all the time. Battlefront does not have the ressources to optimize the core-program to run better, so we all have to suffer somewhat CM-games is heavy on the CPU, - just think of all the projectiles, units, Line of Sight, etc. etc that has to be calculated in Real Time, and now individual snowflakes! The eye-candy that the GPU calculates,- shadows, rendering, explosions and so on is only a minor load in comparison. Cheers,
  17. Ok, but it is not the 16 GB RAM that makes it powerful :-) What CPU do you have?
  18. In most CM games it's the CPU that is the limiting factor, not the GPU. My guess is, that your CPU is too weak to handle all the calculations of the positions of the snowflakes, that has to be run when it snows. It would probably bring an old CPU to it's knees. Btw, having 16 GB RAM does not make your PC "powerful" or make a game run faster. It simply means that CAD-programs can load bigger drawings into RAM, when you are working on them. No game ever uses that amount of RAM, and even big AAA games like GTA V only needs around 5 GB maximum. The rest is just unused RAM-spa
  19. A little correction: A King Tiger and friend in pristine condition Its actually a Jagdtiger,- a tank destroyer version of the Koenigstiger (Kingtiger). Cheers,
  20. YES! The MOD MEISTER is in da house! Prepare to be amazed...
  21. Any chance you can upload in 1080p in the future, Chris? The vid's are always a bit blurry in 720p, and don't do the game justice. Cheers,
  22. Great news Juju! Your release of this mod, is the signal I have waited for to buy the game. The fantastic mods for the CM-series is a big selling point for the games itself. Battlefront should really give you some kind of compensation for your hard work... Cheers,
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