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  1. You can also ready the sticky "How to use transports" near the top of this forum.
  2. Arrived in northern Norway. Slightly battledamaged, but it somehow snuck past customs.
  3. Oh great! Now we have dino grogs as well...:eek:
  4. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I have very high expectancy that it will, though.
  5. Nope sorry Dude, "ATI Tray Tools".
  6. Wow, hat off for you Brit!
  7. OP clarified a few posts back; it's not the amount of dirt/mud/whatever on vehicles and such, it's the lighting or ambience on the battlefield.
  8. Sorry, my bad! It was a graphics driver support tool that display FPS in all games... Thanks!
  9. Couple of quick questions. Is it possible to turn off the FPS counter (two yellow digits) in top right corner? Does seem to be different than the FSP you can tur on/off in settings. Are AI players affected by research penalty/bonus settings in rules setup?
  10. Is there some form of view distance setting which gives a fog'ish like effect? I can't remember if that existed in CMx1 or if I'm just remember the effect of fog in foggy weather scenarios.
  11. Yeah, I think you're spot on there. As scenarios goes it was quite ok, but I guess most of us remember it since it was the first of it's kind and probably got us hooked.
  12. I believe it's still quite early in the States, so probably no new posts for a while.
  13. @ user38. Thanks, that made my day much brighter!
  14. We still get the odd "out of memory" error when playing online. It seems to be happening when there's much action (several nukes, air strikes and other combat) happening at the same time. We regularly use the "delete old data" function to trim the save game files and that seems to help somewhat, but not always. After a crash we've found that restarting the computers is a good idea. It's always the person hosting the game that has the problem. We both have Win7, one has the 32 bit version and the other has the 64 bit. Also, we fairly often lose Skype connection. No error messages, it just stops transmitting and then we have to restart Skype. The in-game voice chat works, but the delay is too noticeable.
  15. I played mostly QB battles with random generated maps in CMBO/BB/AK. Rural maps where mostly fairly ok, but the urban maps looked a tad strange, I'll admit. I tried my hand at map making in SF, but I never managed to make any nice maps. What I would have liked was some ability to generate natural looking hight maps (hills and valleys) which then could have been manually populated with the rest. Oh well, I will try again in BN and perhaps it'll be easier now (or I will understand more).
  16. Very diverse terrain, not just the open steppes from popular cultureLots of sexy hardwareHigh degree of development in strategy and tactics throughout the warSimply the way the war progressed Well, that's some of the reasons from the top of my head.
  17. I'll put my neck out for the grogs here, but if I remember correctly it's been said that it's hard to make good early WWII games since in terms of both the equipment and manpower, at least France was more than a match for Germany. The German war machine was highly successful due to superior strategy and tactics, while the French army was mired in inflexible tradition. As I understand it that is something that's hard to model in, at least on the CM scale, so the player on German side would often have a hard time achieving the expected result.
  18. That would be totally awesome! Re LUA, it's the script language used in World of Warcraft to allow users to create their own GUI. I'm not sure that "used by wow" is a quality mark in itself but at least it indicates that it's well known and used quite extensively.
  19. Well, I hope they're small. When you have the time, could you please add a shortcut for opening the Relationship window? I often want to check the technology of other players and then I usually have to click a bit to open it. Shift+R would be much easier. Also, when placing a satelite over discovered area, it would be nice to have a circle outlining the area it would be able to observe. The range tool is nice, but a bit cumbersome to use for this purpose.
  20. Heh, yeah well I've never made any secrets of it. Good luck on your campaign!
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