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  1. Salut. Voici les liens vers Appui-Feu : " Le site francophone des passionnés de Combat Mission " ;) le (vieux) site : http://www.appui-feu.com/index_t.php le forum : http://www.appui-feu.com/phpBB3/ et le discord : https://discord.gg/PYdTFXhX a+
  2. Hi ! Interested by a Final Blitzkrieg QB tournament ? Medium Meeting engagement , 30 turns , originals maps ... inscriptions open ! info here ---> http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=71145 bye
  3. Hi , About QB, will SF2 include the unit purchase list like other cm2 games? Which are absent in cm f1
  4. Thanks ! Of course there is a lack of flavor object with these map. I 'm too lazy to use that
  5. Hi The is a pack wit - 4 meeting maps - 2 axe attack maps Designed for medium sized quick battle NO IA !
  6. Hi There is a new mappack with 4 item in the repository. -----> H2H only , no IA ! http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=3499 three meeting map , Normandy Landscape HK-Mesvolu HK-Orantant HK Notre Dame d'Aeffe One Allied attack map HK-Minotaurus Bridge Enjoy , and leave a comment
  7. OMG , just to end the CMBN family then , Bagration ! CMSF2 Bulge gustav
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