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  1. Hey, just sent you a DM. Thanks so much for noticing this and responding.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get this excellent scenario? There are 173 CMBN scenarios posted on The Scenario Depot III, so clearly there has to be way to upload it.
  3. OK, no problem. Like I said, their tech support has always been great with activation help. No complaints there.
  4. My manual says we're allowed to add one new activation per year to each of our purchases. I'm one of these guys who ends up re-installing Windows fairly often (it gets cluttered up, starts to run slow etc) and so I've run into issues in the past with running out of activations as a result. Tech support from Battlefront has always been outstanding re: this (even on the weekends!), so no complaints there. Still, I like to be somewhat independent and wanted to know if there's still a way to add that activation. The manual points to http://www.battlefront.com/activate but that page is dead. Thanks! PS - Still the best wargame ever made
  5. Great info, guys. Been playing CM since the 1st demo (which ran OK on the computer in Labor and Delivery while I was in med school lol), but just too damn busy except to sit back and admire for the past 10 years. Let me just say I think it's fantastic that a bunch of guys exist who care so much about this stuff and getting it *right*. I have zero interest in something which isn't realistic. To me, it's just a waste of time, since I view wargames as tools to better understand history - not just games. For that reason, info like this is just great to have. I really appreciate the effort that people put into this. I just wish I had more time to contribute. Anyway, Thanks is what I wanted to say.
  6. $10 is a small price to pay for such excellent work. Don't let the whiners get you down! 99% of your customers know what it's like to *work* for a living, and: Nothing Worth Having Is Free. - My Dad
  7. I remember playing the original "Chance Encounter" demo over and over in the Labor/Delivery callroom during my 2nd year as a med student. I agree with the other guy who said it was like the perfect embodiment of all those miniatures games I never had the time or money to play as a teenager. To this day, the entire series (even that original demo) stands head and shoulders above every other wargame I have. Nothing else ever really nailed it. My latest obsession is CM: Afghanistan. If any of you passed it up - don't. It totally rocks. Plus, I happen to be married to a Russian girl and she likes to watch me blow up Mujaheddin . Sorry - her dad was in a Brigada morskoi strelkovy (Navy Rifle Brigade). That stuff runs deep with these people. Unlike most Americans, they *remember*...
  8. Pretty amazing if it actually simulates skylining. I would love some sort of training mode where you could actually see all the bonuses/penalties in a given situation - even down to individual rounds. I'd never want to play that way (it would destroy any sense of realism), but it would really help figure things out. Anyone remember how Sid Meier's Civil War games actually showed you the various modifiers for your troops? Or even the Total War games where there was a little blurb when you hovered the cursor over your troops ("Encouraged by General close by", etc). I'm an old (since 1978) wargamer, and so I sort of crave this kind of reassurance that what is going on "under the hood" actually makes sense. PS - It sucks being a "Junior Member", since I started playing the CMBO demo when it first came out (I was in med school and that damn demo distracted me to the point of almost causing academic issues!). Oh well - I never had time to visit the forums but I've been playing this series from the very moment it was available. Big Fan.
  9. 5760x1200 courtesy of nVidia Surround. Woks just fine except shadows are blocky (same thing with Theatre of war, btw).
  10. Perhaps most people opt for the digital download in order to get the game more quickly and it has nothing to do with the manual issue. I happen to love my old Combat Mission manuals - the games would be so much less valuable without them. In any case, there are a lot of "digital downloads" happening out there all right. But if Battlefront wants to actually make money, it had better come up with a method for making the legit copy much more desirable than a "digital" one. An excellent manual and other physical play aids are a great way to imbue legitimate software with value. If the entirety of your game is easily downloadable - it's easily stolen. You can't have it both ways.
  11. I totally agree. I went on a buying spree here and got all of the ToW titles. And they all, well, suck. I was wanting an update to the Combat Mission series, but all I got were bloated system-hogs that play like arcade games. Kursk has lousy frame-rates and doesn't even look that great (compared to say, Napoleon Total War). And I have a monster system: 4.2Ghz Core i7 (overclocked 920), dual ATI 5870's, Intel SSD, etc.
  12. I have the same problem, and have possibly the fastest PC that can be easily made: i7-920@ 4.2Ghz, dual ATI 5870's, 8gb DDR3, Intel G2 SSD, Velociraptor. If that won't run it - it's hopeless. This machine runs Napoleon: Total War easily at 5760x1200 (Eyefinity) with 2xAA and Ultra settings.
  13. This is why people pirate PC games, unfortunately. If the digital copy is just as good as the physical one - the publisher has unwittingly erased all the value of legitimate ownership. I still cherish my wonderful manuals from the Jane's simulators, and Battlefront's own Combat Mission series. No one would ever think to pirate those - the incredible manuals and play aids add so much value to the experience. When will PC publishers ever learn?
  14. Yep, I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully will get the manual tomorrow!
  15. I'm curious why ToW2 seems to have significantly higher system requirements vs. the first ToW. The two games look quite similar. To give you some idea of the difference, I can run ToW at 1920x1200 with 4xAA, full details and get a steady 30fps and often much higher. With Tow2, my fps frequently drops into the teens - becoming quite choppy. And that's with only moderate details on. The new Kursk demo is even worse - being basically unplayable unless I turn everything down to low. Even then, it chugs badly once the fur starts flying. The system I'm using is an XPS M1730 notebook with a 3.2Ghz X9000 Core2duo, 4gb, Win7 x64 and two 8800GTX's in SLI (supported by ToW using AFR1 mode) using 196.86 drivers (latest). All 3 games obviously run just fine on my desktop (Core i7-920@4.2ghz, dual ATI 5870's in Crossfire). Bottom line: Both games look almost identical, have identical interfaces/rules, but have widely disparate system requirements. Any solution out there?
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