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  1. The CMBO, CMBB series was always a favorite of mine. The scale tallied nicely with the Battalion Task Force training that took place at Hohenfels in Germany, and struck the right balance between management demands and fluid play. And the amazing historical research done by the community of players who created some of the most demanding scenarios was astounding. The scholarship was simply superb and turned a game into a genuine learning experience that gave an insight into the issues and nature of WW2 conflict. The scale allowed one to fight as little more than squad to closely approachin
  2. Thanks, Schrullenhaft. So they dropped the fog table. Guess I'll have to see if I can't light a fire under their nether parts. I do have a fallback position. I have an older computer with XP that I use for a media center and Grand Prix Legends (still the finest and still being developed, and many who played GPL were also active in Combat Mission ). I will switch over and see if I can retro-update with an older driver.... although my old CMBB CD has developed some problems and will not always load the game. With respect to CMBB scenarios-is there any way of having the AI force fixed in plac
  3. Actually I was referring to the Achtung Panzer Kharkov demo, Drescher. Sorry that I was not clear. I did not find much immersion in the demo, and felt that the layering of controls was exactly opposite the control simplicity of the Combat Mission series. I must admit I did not spend a lot of time with the demo. But you appear to have played the full game , and full games are often a different case from demos. You mention the infantry act clumsily, but how about key elements like line-of-sight and armor and weapon characteristics? The Battlefront guys did a lot of research in developing the Com
  4. I have tried TOW, including the latest demo of Zitadelle, the new Kharkov demo and many other demos of the pseudo-combat games churned out with eye-candy graphics which are really little more than the old command & conquer resource driven clickfests (with tank engagements at twenty feet!). I first got into this genre when the East Front game series out. I had spend considerable time over the years at Hohenfels, formerly our combined arms training center for mech/armor task forces, evaluating battalions, supporting battalions, and commanding battalions. East Front had a scale that was i
  5. Issue: No fog effects System: Win7 Home Premium 64 bit, Nvidia 285 GTX running driver version 196.21 released 2010.01.19, Intel Core i7-920@2.67 Ghz, 12 GB RAM, Asus motherboard (don't see where it is involved). Application:Win7/Vista version of CMBB purchased within the last month from Battlefront.com (download and CD). I am running the complete version as downloaded. I am not running the $5.00 patch as, if I understood correctly, the latest CMBB does not require it, or already includes the code changes. I was playing the Kharkov demo and it actually motivated me to repurchase CMBB
  6. Thank You. I wondered what Smart Pause meant (before manual posted and left flip corrected) but guessed and disabled it and the casualty interrupt went away. Some observations: - I tried sizing the battlefield and find that the random maps could not be sized while the single titled mission could be sized. Not sure if this just a demo quirk or is characteristic of the TOW series. -Still would like to see some info on flanking unit activity or at least something like "Your flanks are secured by such and such". And standard tactical map info like hills designated by height and villages/fea
  7. Thank you for the advice on changing the code. I shall try it today. I was wondering whether my demo was different from everyone else's for a bit there. Also, I obviously suffered brain fade in hurrying to the game and missed the fact that the situation/order has a scroll button. There is more there than I originally thought. Is there an annotated tactical map somewhere I also missed?
  8. I reviewed all the SETTINGS: nothing sems to look like it disables casualty interrupt. Do I have to re-install the demo and alter the initial set-up? That seems like going around your elbow to get to your nose.
  9. -a quick one, why are we interrupted by individual casualties and jerked away from our screen? How can I disable this feature? -tactical map? what tactical map? I see no towns or features identified, no intelligence plotted, not even a "goose egg" indicating objectives, or arrows indicating main attack and so on. -mission: who's on my flanks?, what's the general situation?, what do we expect the enemy to do? Where's the analysis on avenues of approach, trafficability and so on? Lots of things I expect in a mission order simply not there. Yeah, I realize there's not much point in adding CEOI
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