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  1. I enjoyed On the way to Thala the most, but I found the Sidi N'Sir was the hardest to complete. Medenine Defensive was good fun but a bit too easy. I'd have liked a longer British campaign.
  2. Perhaps, but discovering that Ivan Ivanovich now has a sore toe doesn't really help assess the threat from opposing forces. I've made my point and perhaps the best route would be, as you suggest, to disable by default, just to allow for the (largely theoretcial) possibility that someone somewhere thinks that smart pause actually enhances the game.
  3. It's in a different place from TOW2 - thanks. I just a got red mist after all the game pauses and looked where I would expect to find it and it wasn't there. Still, in my opinion, it's a rubbish feature which add nothing to the game.
  4. ..is a really dreadful game feature imo. I don't know why you think it's a good idea but I hate it, it ruins the demo for me as I don't seem to have the option of switching it off. One sale lost.
  5. TOW2 works just fine on Windows 7 64. I gather that most games aren't multi-core optimised.
  6. They should make this thread a sticky - I can't remember a more irritating feature in a game!
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