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  1. Thanks for the reply, SeaMonkey. I see that some of your proposals in the "New Features" thread deal with this and related issues a bit. At the corps and army level, one per hex makes sense, and I accept the rationale that armored elements are integral to the infantry formations. But the engineers and special forces seem like they could share the space with a larger formation. With respect to tank groups--are these supposed to represent a corps-size force, too? Are they very vulnerable to infantry if they are just sitting there on their own?
  2. Can each player control the whole side, or is each player limited to controlling only one power? If the former, how daunting is it to handle the logistics for all of the Axis or Allies?
  3. My sense is no, that only one ground unit can occupy a tile, but a skim through the manual doesn't explicitly state that there isn't stacking. If there isn't, and if this is the same as in previous versions, could some of you who have played before let me know how the lack of stacking impacts the game's feel of realism. Not having armor and infantry elements able to occupy the same space does not seem right to me for a game at this scale.
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