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  1. I'd be surprised if range isn't increased by a similar ratio to that which the distances on the map were increased.
  2. Now THIS is definitely a trolling post.
  3. All right, I'll admit that I misunderstood the intent of your post. But I honestly couldn't care less if you quit the EoS forum or not. You do add value here but this kind of emo crying detracts from your otherwise interesting input.
  4. Good grief, man. It's a forum, not divorce court. Stay or go.
  5. Self-entitlement knows no bounds.
  6. I've kind of lost track but how good is the AI in this? If I recall correctly, only one side had AI; is this still true?
  7. As an iPad/iPhone owner/developer, it'd be fairly easy to get the touch screen to do what you want. There are a lot of options. For instance, you can do a touch as left-click and touch-and-hold as right-click. Ultimately, though, you'd want to not just port the game straight over but make it fit the Apple HID as much as possible. One thing that Mac people don't care for, especially in iOS, is for an app to not seem native and this means games, too. You'd want to take as much advantage of the iOS UX as possible so that what you end up is not merely EoS running in iOS but EoS *FOR* iOS. A good example of this is the iOS version of Civilization: Revolution. If the bulk of the non-UI game code is written in C/C++, then you should hopefully not have too much trouble converting. Best thing to do would be to search for Carmack's Wolfenstein 3D source code and look at that. It's mainly C with some Objective-C (which you'll need if you want to access the iOS SDK at all). I won't kid you: it'd probably be a lot of work but you'd probably make quite a bit of money off of it. Even rubbish apps tend to make a surprising amount of cash. And with iOS 4 coming up, and Apple's shift from desktop/laptops to mobile-only, it's kind of crazy NOT to develop for it.
  8. I've seen this too but never really thought much of it.
  9. I just noticed that the up-down selection buttons are subtlety counterintuitive. The arrows on them turn white when you can't click anymore but are dark when you can. It seems like the other way around and I only noticed it now because I just got frustrated that I click on the white arrow by accident thinking that's a valid option. Personally, I'd like to see the arrows on the buttons stay the same (white or black) and the entire button turn a shade darker if it cannot be pressed. Actually, to add to the tactile sense of the game (this is one of the few games that gives me the satisfactory illusion of actually pressing buttons or manipulating switches), a button that cannot be pressed could be shown as permanently depressed as it appears if you click a button and hold the mouse button down. Not a big deal. But these small UI things go a long way in providing a consistent and intuitive experience.
  10. Oy, I really do need to make some time for this game.
  11. I think it's perhaps the verbosity of the posts that could make someone think it was nitpicking or at least in some way smug. Unfortunately, as thorough and as well-written as these suggestions are, I can't help but see a lot of it as rather subjective (i.e., it doesn't necessarily make the game any better, it's just how you would have done it if you had written the game yourself). Critiquing a critique? Yes, sir. Let's get meta!
  12. 6. Going along with what macg is suggesting, I'd like to see a little more information on the NATO symbols, too. (I don't play with the sprites.) A motorized infantry unit's NATO symbol could be a combination of the infantry symbol with the motorized symbol, for instance (e.g., the X with a vertical line bisecting it). 7. It'd be nice to be able to recall the last notices you've received. Playing the default 1939 campaign as the Axis, I should be able to bring up a dialog showing that it's recommended the Japanese take Nanning as soon as possible until Nanning is actually taken or I specifically choose to dismiss the objective. 8. I'd like clickable tables of active units with vital stats, locations, upgrade eligibility status, and elite reinforcement status. Or, at the very least, some way to highlight units that have been seriously damaged, are out-of-supply, or are eligible to be upgraded or have elite reinforcements. It'd also be nice to see if I have any units being transported. I've forgotten about T and AV counters before. 9. Extended command automation. This is a big one and totally off in wish-list land. It'd be nice to be able to give units movement commands that might take longer than one turn to complete. For example, Paris is sacked and I want to move some Panzers to the Poland/USSR border but they won't get there in one turn. Normally, I'd have to go back to them on the next turn and complete their moves. It'd be convenient to go ahead and select the eligible destination tile when I initiate the move and the UI show that part of the move will be completed at the end of this turn and the rest will be completed at the end of next turn. If the unit runs into any other units, then they'd stop and the situation would be treated as if they had bumped into a hidden unit.
  13. The tutorial is actually quite good and rather thorough. You [probably] won't be disappointed by it.
  14. 1. Separate controls for music and sound effects. More times than not, I have music playing in the background when I'm playing. It'd be nice to be able to shut off the game music but leave the sound effects on because it's slightly irritating to either have to mute iTunes (I play SC in a Windows 7 Parallels VM on a MacPro) or to have to just deal with the musical overlap. 2. An option to turn off map scrolling when the mouse cursor brushes the edge of the screen. Normally, I have the Windows 7 VM in, well, a window rather than fullscreen. I have dual monitors (especially helpful for following the tutorial in the second monitor while SC is contained in the maximized VM window on the main monitor) and I use Spaces. Often mousing over to the second monitor or switching from one desktop to another causes the map to begin scrolling in a direction and continue until I go back and force it to stop. I never, ever use the mouse to scroll the map; I use the keyboard. (I know my situation is definitely an edge case but I can't see as adding more options for player control as a bad thing.) 3. Being able to switch from movement to properties mode without having to 'unclick' the active mode. For example, I accidentally left-click on a counter which puts it in movement mode but I want to Upgrade it instead. Currently, I have to left-click again to take it out of movement mode then right-click on it to access its pop-up menu. 4. Single-click access to a counter's properties. I know this has been requested before by others so I'm just adding a 'me too' here. 5. This is more of a wish-list item but I sometimes wish that SC had multiple map modes like Hearts of Iron does. It'd be nice to be able to get a complete view of HQ supply without having to click on individual counters, for instance. None of these suggestions are critical, of course. Thanks!
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