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  1. it's been a good year or so since I last visited the forum. I'm curious to know if there will be an East Front module. Is it going to happen anytime soon? Thanks!
  2. SO that means a release date of June 6th, right?
  3. IS-2 saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day. PRAISE THE LORD OUR IS-2!
  4. A large map wouldn't be so bad if there were multiple objectives, such as several small towns that need to be held/taken, instead of one large objective in the middle of the map. A mix of bocage, hills, streams, and open farmland would be nice as long as the extra map has purpose rather than uneventful time wasting terrain to negotiate before the two sides meet up for one epic battle. It would be interesting to have a large map with multiple company sized elements coming in at different locations doing recon, being responsible for thier own objectives, and then only meet up with each oth
  5. I think that's great that at your age you have pc gaming as a hobby. My parents were just a few years older than you and didnt know how to turn a computer on...
  6. He also mentioned that there are no Waffen SS in the game, but Ernst Barkmann served in the SS!
  7. I used the MG 42 as an example. As a former US Marine, I'm fully aware of the reasons why you should fire off short controlled bursts from an automatic weapon. What's not realistic is the same exact burst over and over again from the various weapons in CMBN. All I am asking for is a little variety. Can this be moded? By the way, the "burp" nickname is usually associated with the MP40, not the "ripping" sound of the Hitler-saw MG42.
  8. In game terms you would expect there to be a difference in use, particularly when the Allies were attacking and suppressive fire was required by them for hedgerows/villages, woods. The Germans , concious of the extremely high rate of fire and supply may well be going very much to short lethal bursts of fire, http://world.guns.ru/machine/de/mg-42-and-mg-3-e.html
  9. I noticed that all machine guns have the same burst length every time. I wonder if the released game will have varying lengths of bursts. Not really a big deal for me, but it would be nice to hear a longer and meaner rip of a MG 42 for example rather than the quick zip zip zip over and over again. I wonder if this has been brought up before for machine guns or for any other automatic weapon.
  10. does that go for all buildings? In the vid, Chris keeps referring to Shockforce, but I never played that myself. However, modern weapons also can not be fired from small enclosures. There are significant back blast from the SMAW, RPGS, AT4s, ect. I do know recently though that the Swedes developed an AT4 that has water at the end of the AT4 that cuts down on the backblast, but I'm not sure how common that system is on today's battlefield. I'm sure that the smaller panzer fausts can be fired from some larger&open rooms in buildings. Panzershrecks are a different story...
  11. It's like a makeshift mobile HQ. A truck with "box" on the back. Might have a cot and small desk inside with radio equipment, ect.
  12. Due to the very thin metal wall surrounding the Panzerfaust 30 explosive charge and its extreme brisance, we can safely relegate the danger of fragments to a second order effect. This assumption is grounded in reality as many weapons systems which try to enhance fragmentation use explosive charges with very low detonation velocity. (E.g. US Mk2 which switched from flake TNT to black powder) Although the US Mk48 75mm HE shell also has about the same quantity of explosives, the shell fragments are non negligible. Something left to a future analysis. So what does this all mean...
  13. love those legs! However, the REAL question here is if the game models panzer side skirt protection or are they just eye candy. I don't think I received a direct answer on this yet.
  14. what? The game doesn't have hit decals? Considering all the attnetion to detail this game has, I just assumed that it had hit decals...
  15. Interesting, as I didn't know the skirts were designed for HE either. I just assumed that the skirts were purely cosmetic.
  16. Following the latest AAR I noticed that some of the Panzer IVs had skirts, and some missing a few here and there, which I find is a nice touch, but I wonder if the skirts are modeled to provide any protection or are they strictly eye-candy? Also, I noticed that all the panzer commanders I've seen so far had their headphones over both ears. I understand that it was common practice to keep one ear open to listen to the engine, combat in the distance and to generally stay better alert. The attention to detail in the models is amazing and thought that might be something nice to add to change
  17. Thanks for an awsome AAR! By the way, I picked up on a few things reading through this thread. I love how the side skirts of the PZIV are randomly hanging off or have none at all. I wonder does that has any effect of diminished protection compared to a panzer with all its skirts on and in the right place, or is it strictly cosmetic? The other very small thing I picked up on is that it seems that all the panzer commanders have their earphones over both ears. It's not a big deal, but was under the impression that it was common practice for Panzer commanders to keep one ear open so they co
  18. That's a good question/observation. Extremely rare is the answer. A lot happened during those three months that leads right up to Market Garden though, so they definitely met up. At the beaches I say the Americans didn't see any, but as they started to move across France, they must have met a few. Since just a little over 1,300 were produced and the fact that at least half(most?) were in Russia, very few Americans fought against one. No doubt they were deployed to all the "hot" sectors where they were needed the most. As a side note, 21 Tiger II's saw action against the Brits in Norma
  19. that's fantastic news! Now is the time to act everyone! Thanks, Moon!
  20. its is safe to assume that all pre-orders, or at least the ones up until now, are locked in to get the collectors edition?
  21. I thought the game was out, but that's a false alarm. So, am I guaranteed the collectors edition? When is release day?
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