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  1. First time playing the Tutorial i had 20-30 dead, 10-20 wounded and lost 4 tanks but ran out of time (on basic training)

    Second time round i had 10 dead, 17 wounded and lost 2 tanks and came through with a total victory (on veteran)

    Almost all my casualties were from artillery fire, the trick is to move your men out of there positions as soon as the arti spotting rounds start landing near them, also don't rush your units forward (i had 17 casualties and 3-4 tanks lost from the AT gun in my first game), find the AT gun, suppress with mortars then get a tank to target fire in its vicinity, this will eventually knock the at gun out. Don't worry about Panzershrecks because they are useless in this game.

    After the AT gun is gone its a clean sweep, the Georgian infantry are pathetic and easily slaughtered, hell i had a bailed Tank crew, all with .45's charge a mortar HQ, then an infantry HQ then all the rear echelon on there own, at the end they had 2 dead, 2 wounded but had killed/wounded 9 and captured 2... with pistols against SMGs and MG42s.

  2. I heard of a Russian studio that was using this engine to make a game on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, one of the most notable changes was the variety in weaponry available to the mujahideen groups, so one squad would have the members choose from a list of weaponry with anything from an enfield rifle to an rpg to an ak47 to a pkm, you get the idea. I was wondering if i could give that effect to cmsf. but really all i want to do is change load out, which should be possible as it will be somewhere in the data, i just wanted to know where.

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