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  1. Old School. Looking for a game. Prefer TCP/IP, but do email too. 2,000-3,000 Blood baths. Meeting or Attack Defend. Parameters I am open to galendae@yahoo.com
  2. email galendae@yahoo.com icq 550018122 Any type cmbo game would be great!
  3. galendae@yahoo.com 1500-2000 point meet or Att/Def I prefer Allies. Up for almost any type of CMBO game. Thanks ToughOmbre
  4. CMBO TCP/IP Dec 28th Tonite! 1250-2000 point meeting? Att/Def? Almost any style really. I prefer Allies ToughOmbre galendae@yahoo.com
  5. Looking for 1250 plus meeting or Att/Def. I will be around all day. I prefer Allied side. CMBO only Thanks. ToughOmbre
  6. HI, Love the setting of Beyond Overlord. Looking for some PBEM games. Send me a setup, I like meeting engagements & Att/Def. Decent size maps not super flat would be ideal. I do prefer playing the Allied side. Combined Arms is most fun for me, but am open to others Mech, Armor etc.... Thanks ToughOmbre PS. Luv to play realtime online as well as PBEM. So send me an email about either would be great!
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