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  1. I’ve been on a rather circuticious route to CMBN and back again having played the game to death over many releases - it’s been 3 years now since I last played - I’m all on, patched, upgraded and the rest In my absence and still now I have fallen in love with Bolt Action the table top game and I suspect that’s what’s brought me back to CMBN - I digress - part of my tabletop force includes the 7/2 mounted flakvierling - I know this is part of Market Garden which I don’t have - could someone tell me if it can be used in an anti infantry role? Thankyou
  2. Good luck sir - ill be watching and reading - IIRC youre hiding your AAR and screenshot skills under a bushel - our fight was highly detailed by yourself all those years agoooooooooooo!!
  3. are there any more civilian vehicles to bring in from anywhere - i have an oil refinery car park that can only take so many blue ladas!
  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! now i just need a petrol tanker, a tractor and a train - youre my hero!!
  5. im taking part in the tourney, i won that round, but getting killed in the second - im sure i have the map somewhere - once im in front of gaming pc i can let you know - its a great, great map
  6. yeah, i thought that but if taken literally, without quoting, my comment would apply to the previous post and therefore not make any sense but i apologise if it upset you
  7. 2nd picture down, guy on the left - he's got the whole Mammmmma Mia finger action down to a tea!
  8. it was very easy to follow, and an excellent idea, i had knowledge of the editor so wasnt intimidated or thrown in anyway, but i dont think youd need any experience.
  9. might not be a fully fledged DAR but will definitely post some action shots with an update or two, i have British forces versus Banemans evil Axis forces
  10. aaahhhh the power of imageshack! this is the hill top monastery:-
  11. i can post some shots if you'd like, when i get home - we added a few VLs, theres now another railway line running perpendicular to the original and this has a railway station on the outskirts of the main town, theres a marshalling yard at one end of the original railway line, theres a fuel depot in the main town, an Axis HQ Chateau in one corner, and a hill top monastery overlooking the whole map from one side (im a sucker for cheesy hollywood war films and these have all been subjects of special missions and/or objectives, next would have been a church and a cemetery from The Eagle Has Lande
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