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  1. I’ve been on a rather circuticious route to CMBN and back again having played the game to death over many releases - it’s been 3 years now since I last played - I’m all on, patched, upgraded and the rest In my absence and still now I have fallen in love with Bolt Action the table top game and I suspect that’s what’s brought me back to CMBN - I digress - part of my tabletop force includes the 7/2 mounted flakvierling - I know this is part of Market Garden which I don’t have - could someone tell me if it can be used in an anti infantry role? Thankyou
  2. Good luck sir - ill be watching and reading - IIRC youre hiding your AAR and screenshot skills under a bushel - our fight was highly detailed by yourself all those years agoooooooooooo!!
  3. What do you guys use to simulate rubble underneath broken bridges
  4. are there any more civilian vehicles to bring in from anywhere - i have an oil refinery car park that can only take so many blue ladas!
  5. you know what - after building maps for 3 years i always wondered what they were for!
  6. Is it possible to create/place a broken bridge?
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! now i just need a petrol tanker, a tractor and a train - youre my hero!!
  8. do modern forces still parachute in? just playing with an idea for a scenario
  9. if you could stop my bradleys reversing into your arcs of fire that would be awesome!!
  10. its currently underway in ARMA III if youre interested
  11. when i was beta testing CMBS i would have killed for these panels - the map i was building didnt look the same compared to the google earth pictures i was looking at without them and i lost heart in the map - but these are great thanks
  12. thats what i thought and then i drove into one!
  13. Playing a PBEM with Kieme - the map is a work of art - so many small details that give the map life, a picnic area, a trench (who knows why its there), the guard hut and roadblocks are fantastic
  14. thanks chaps - he did keep nosing round the edge with long commands - ill try short ones
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