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  1. Thankyou chaps - didn’t want to get into the rights or wrongs
  2. I have seen the ages old furores and bitter arguments im ‘dm-ing’ a group pbem and I just need to know if it’s possible or not but I can’t actually find an answer - can you or can’t you fire these from a building?
  3. I’ve been on a rather circuticious route to CMBN and back again having played the game to death over many releases - it’s been 3 years now since I last played - I’m all on, patched, upgraded and the rest In my absence and still now I have fallen in love with Bolt Action the table top game and I suspect that’s what’s brought me back to CMBN - I digress - part of my tabletop force includes the 7/2 mounted flakvierling - I know this is part of Market Garden which I don’t have - could someone tell me if it can be used in an anti infantry role? Thankyou
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