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  1. Not any more. It looks like I'm starting the campaign over though, unless somebody has some good news about where my replacements are for mission 3, so I'll get a save file in the near future.
  2. I got distracted by other games for a while but I've been seriously playing CMBN 2.01 for a couple of weeks and now I have a few more questions. (Having a blast by the way.) I just finished the second mission of the KG Engel campaign. The briefing says that my forces will be brought back to full strength periodically, including the third mission, but my troops do not appear to have been replenished. I reached the setup phase of mission three and my PG are still missing a lot of soldiers. I only lost one tank, a Lynx in mission one, but the loss of infantry is close to critical. Assaulting the town in mission two was especially costly. I doubt I'll be able to hold off the overwhelming American assault which I can expect in this one. I may have to restart the campaign and babysit every turn with save file reloading, etc. to try for zero losses! :eek: Now, a more generic question. Is it possible for scouts, FO's, or anyone else to crawl to the crest of a hill and spy out the far side without then getting up to a crouching or standing position and immediately getting shot to hell? How often in real wars would troops creep carefully into a position to spy on the enemy? It's hard to believe that we don't have this option. A hide order after sneaking just has the troops hug the dirt, without looking, right? A similar quandary involves 'zook or 'shrek armed troops behind a bocage or in some trees, trying to ambush enemy armor. If they hide, they can't see the tank (because peeking isn't allowed). If they don't hide, they get spotted and blasted. Am I overlooking something? Anti-tank guns. What's the deal with positioning these guys? I had an ATG and HT for mission one and two. In mission one I had the HT haul the ATG down to the middle of the road and unlimber it. Then I told the crew to face it up the road as a defensive measure. These yokels spent the game dragging it around in circles! I tried facing it, I tried giving it a covered arc, nothing worked. They gave me a lot of laughs, dragging it around in circles like the Keystone cops. It was especially amusing that they did it all while laying on their bellies. Who'd have thought they were strong enough to manhandle a gun like that laying on the ground. Anyway, the gun was essentially useless and I didn't even bother moving it in mission two. Great game. I love it and will post more questions later.
  3. Wow. I had no idea this thread would take off like this. I learned a few useful things and it seems I'm not the only one! Thanks again, all.
  4. Hi all. Loving this game that I just bought. A few questions. Is there an independent LoS tool? By that I mean not based on a unit. I'd like to be able to click on an unoccupied spot on the map and test LoS from that location before sending a unit there. I seem to recall CMBB having one, but it's been 8+ years since I played that game so I may remember incorrectly. If I split off a scout team and send it toward the enemy, I'm guessing that hunt is the best order to keep it from moving into a discovered enemy position? How should I keep it from firing at an enemy that it finds? A covered arc that doesn't reach that far? I suppose that by the time it moves far enough to discover an enemy position that the arc will be behind its current location anyhow. Is there a way to save certain camera views? Ie. if I want to watch a situation developing in a town square, and another situation in a field next to the town, I'd like to be able switch between the two views with a key press, rather than having to repeatedly navigate the camera between them. I've looked at the hot key lists several times and see no indication that this is possible. Hitting 1-9 just moves me to different view distances. Weren't flamethrowers used in the Normandy campaign? Anyone know why they aren't modeled in this game? Anyone have an idea when a Russian front version will be be released? I know I had more questions but that's all I can recall for now. I need to play some more to remember the rest. Hey, I think that's what I'll do now! Thanks for your feedback.
  5. I first heard about this game at the beginning of April and thought "Ha Ha, nice one." Training videos and a full forum section are a bit far to take it, though. Wow. How the heck can you make CM work in such a limited environment?
  6. Only on Battlefront would it be necessary to mention the word "free" in the context of a patch. (OK, Paradox too.) I just logged on for the first time in ages to ask the best way to order both the base game and the Commonwealth expansion to save money AND get to D/L and play the base game right away. I saw a note on the site somewhere a couple of days ago, but can't find it now. Here's hoping for that lightning response!
  7. Problem was solved by changing properties of the shortcut. I played the tutorial a while before seeing the reply to change the exe as well. Maybe I don't have to? Anyway, it's working now and I'll probably be getting the game soon. Thanks again!
  8. So to test it out I could re DL the demo, install it, and then R/C the shortcut to change the properties so that I'm running as admin? I'll try that. Thanks!
  9. I DL'd and installed two different versions of the beta demo on my quad core, Vista 64 system and neither would run. They installed properly, and put a shortcut on the desktop. I'd double click it and nothing would happen. No game or even an error message. I think I also tried running the executable directly and that did nothing, either. I didn't seek tech support at the time because BF's tech support looks a little convoluted and who would want to take the time for a free demo anyway? Now that the game is out, maybe I can get some assistance. Ideas?
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