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  1. I can only agree. This game has alot of potential, but the AI is letting it down. I keep updating this game and really only give it another go if there has been some form of AI update. The AI need to be able form alliances, accept alliances once you cosy up to them, and alllll of the other tactical actions they should be able to do. I have not been able to get an AI to do this at all yet. I know this is more difficult than just requesting it - I would agree that all other development should take a backseat to this hugely critical area. The goal in my mind would be a civilization type AI...w
  2. Thanks! Well I just downloaded the EOSinstaller again to another location, just in case. reinstalled same deal. Version im gettng is the virgin 1.01 I could see that two people were in chat, just could not update or go to the "downloads" section or log in my account.
  3. Well when it started I uninstalled and redownloaded the full client from battlefront. Reinstalled and same problem. After reading your post I uninstalled again and installed the latest demo - just in case. Same problem - could not connect to server (when hitting update). Im starting to think maybe there is spyware in my network flooding... nothing else seems ot be affected. Really strange. No firewall on. : (
  4. Have you got an IP for the server, somthing I can ping or trace? I think I need to contact my ISP
  5. Its really odd. Nothing has changed my end and im still getting the problem. Ive been fine previously. hmmmm
  6. I have not been able to grab the latest update or log in with my username... I have reinstalled with the same message when I try to update "could not connect to server". Im pretty sure I did not have a port forward on for EoS before.... is there a problem? Thanks!
  7. Ive had a few glitches since this new version, the major one being when I select "large continents" for a new game - somtimes I get "small islands" instead. starting a new game again seems to fix it... Also I had one new game start where the unit build time was a wierd figure like 1.99999$ or somthing like that - which didnt progress. Only happened the once so far... hope that helps!
  8. AI on Veteran difficulty seem to attack early (on Elite they certainly do!). Especially if you grab alot of resources early. However there attacks peter out fairly soon and then stagnate in there resources rush. Deffnately work to be done with the AI expansion and diplomatic abilities... ..but tehy are more lively on higher settings.
  9. This may have been brought up before --- territorial zones for your cities. IE enemy units cannot move within those bounds unless they declare war or are an ally (Like Civ series). At the moment it seems rather easy to just load up your units on an enemies land mass, and THEN declare. Kind of takes the risk out of an amphibious attack. It also would bring up new strategic issues like blocking you out of an ocean or land mass forcing you to move to war or alliance.
  10. My bad regarding music - was looking for a preferences option like that. cheers!
  11. Would just like to say great game, I have been waiting for the demo for ages now! Im not sure if this has been brought up yet but its one of my big gaming gripes of ALL TIME - you MUST have an option to disable the music (not saying its bad, its just, I want the option!). Unless ive missed the option somewhere I couldnt find it.... And the other thing being the AI... at the moment Ive stopped playing due to the length of time the AI takes to complete its moves, I really hope this can be improved as I envisage I will be playing single player most the time. Also , as has been mentioned in
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