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  1. IIRC the tutorial mentiones that lack of Oil hampers your mechanical units' movement. It's also in Game Manual -> Basic Game Concepts -> Resources -> Oil. Either way, once you know this, you'll know that a fat red field behind your resource counter means trouble. As for your suggestion of deleting orders that would not be handled due to lack of oil - it would make matters much worse. Think about it: 1. You see a red Oil counter. You go to open market, buy oil, voila. All your units can move again. If your suggestion passed, you'd have to reissue all orders again, because t
  2. Uhhh... unless Brit messed something up in the patching process and it no longer works, planes could do patrolling without much problem. Select a plane, use CTRL+rightclick to give it a path for your patrol. Make sure it can get back to base after it finished all your orders. When you're done setting the path, click the Repeat Orders button above the main map area (the yellow "recycle"-like button). Your plane should repeat the route you've given it every turn thereafer. Be informed though that there's been some erratic behaviour here in the past. Sometimes the planes refused to repeat t
  3. Remember to SAVE YOUR GAME AFTER YOU GET THE VICTORY/DEFEAT SCREEN. If you do that, you will save a game replay. If you don't, you're not gonna be able to view the game at all, unless you reload a save game and bring that game to an end. (that's how it worked in the demo anyways)
  4. Money is automatically produced if the city is unoccupied at any given moment. For example, if you have 0.9 turns left for that shipyard and you will click battleship on the next turn, the city will automatically switch production to making money during the 'wasted' 0.1 of a turn. Clicking "money" in the production window only ensures that the city doesn't pop up as needing orders each turn. The city would be making money anyway. That's what it was in the demo anyway.
  5. When it's ready * * - © Blizzard Entertainment 1990-Soon ; All rights reserved. ;p
  6. N3rull

    AL tweaks

    - from EoS startup window
  7. N3rull

    AL tweaks

    How about this: If all cities on an island are controlled by one AI, this island is considered its territory. The island and the neighboring seas up to 30 (or so) units away from the island are considered restricted. Like this: Now: 1. All aircraft and ships (except EMPTY transports) already inside that are not allies to the owner are given 6 turns to leave, or else This means WAR!. 2. Only EMPTY transports may enter this territory. They may also create pick-up points (yellow circles) on that island. 3. All ground units are "frozen" (i.e. can't move - if they do, This means WAR!) w
  8. duh... when you're talking of time on an international forum, you ought to mention the time zone as well - most people won't bother to look up your location and quiz out your timezone. I'll do it for you though. The guy, as myself, are now @ GMT+1 (CET).
  9. N3rull

    AL tweaks

    Declaring War means all of the target's units will want to smash your face in as soon as they see you. Sneak attack means they'll be blind and deaf except those units that you specifically targetted for having their own faces smashed in. Those retaliate. On the next turn you're all in proper war. The biggest problem for the AI is, I think, the transports - transports take long to build, move slowly and die fast. The AI just can't figure the correct ratio of transports/units_waiting_for_transport and is caught with pants down when someone (e.g. another AI somewhere the player doesn't see) s
  10. sometimes the game does seem to freeze. My own remedy is the Windows key twice to bring up the Start menu and close it. The game always became responsive after that. Maybe the freezes are evolving
  11. I added a post about loading ships. I can expect myself to make another MSPaint abuse about it when I'm back home.
  12. N3rull

    AL tweaks

    I agree. I just don't know what AL is.
  13. <polite mode on> To load a transport out of a city, select the transport, right-click next to the shore (to create a yellow circle), then select a ground unit and right click the circle. <polite mode shell: critical error> <system overload. call 911>
  14. This is just sad. 1 - rich's thread about ships getting locked down is RIGHT BELOW YOUR POST. I will NOT believe you could not find it. 2 - The transport "HOW TO" sticky is right above your thread. I will not believe you could not find it either.
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