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  1. <polite mode on> To load a transport out of a city, select the transport, right-click next to the shore (to create a yellow circle), then select a ground unit and right click the circle. <polite mode shell: critical error> <system overload. call 911>
  2. As Brit said, this thread I made when you still had to right-click the circle to tell the troops to unload there. I was about to edit the post to make it more ... civil... on Brit's request, but I waited to see what he would change in the latest build in terms of transporting stuff. After I read the changelog I could no longer edit the thread. edit. In fact, I think this thread is no longer needed, with the new process of controlling transports being so intuitive. I think it could be scrapped... if someone complains in the future, I will make a new, more official-sounding one.
  3. If you're one of those UNLUCKY people who just can't figure how to use transports: read and comprehend. Step 1. Select a loaded transport and right click next to a shore. Step 2. Select the unit you want to disembark. Step 3. Right click the point you want them to disembark - the effin' circle. Step 4. Hold CTRL+right click where ou want them to go after disembarking. sticky this please, moderated to a more civil tone if need be. >.<
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