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  1. Hi Bill, thank you for your answer. If it comes that far iIll give the helpdesk a try! Cheers Dominik
  2. I think I understand. Lets say my first PC crashed and I installed (and activated) it on another a second time. Now i want to move it on a Notebook can i somehow "erase" the first activation and use it on the 3rd device again? As far, thanks for your answer! Cheers Dominik
  3. Hello everyone! I searched the Forum and tried to find useful hints in the web but could not find any useful information for my Question! As far as i read there is no unlicense for world war1 but eery year i get an extra activation? => Is this used for a seperate machine or just for a newly system on my already PC? Is there a way to have everything set back to "start". Similar to the status like i bought it back in 2011? Can´t wait to get my Hands on Breakthrough and some intense Battles in Africa or against the Prussians ;-) But Before that i like to have, this somehow comp
  4. @CSS In Percentage to the Population the French got a larger Army but not by numbers. The Russians got a huge army then called "steamroller" but had very bad euqipment nearly no artillery and used that much wireless that the Krauts exactly knew there plans. Just my 5 Cents ;o) Cheers Dominik
  5. Hello guys! Here is the link to the mod and its latest status: I hope it shortens the waiting time for the WW1 Game ;-) Have fun http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=990 Cheers Dominik
  6. World War I by H.P. Willmott - DK Press Great Book for People not familiar with World War 1 and surrounding Politics. He writes about Politics, Military History, Weapons and many much details and beliefs of people in that time. Great pictures and explanations. A good book for Hobby-Historians and for beginners. Fine book and easy to read. My personal favourite :cool: Cheers Dominik
  7. YEAHA, finally a Korea War Mod. I am really looking foward to it! I hope they take the many different Infantry weapons used by the commies into account (Such as Nat. Chinese 7.92mm Guns, Japanese 6.5mm or 7.7mm Guns and of course the Russian one) Thats a nightmare for logistic . Will be there a seperate Chinese and North Korean Campaign? Cheers Dominik
  8. Hello all! Work on this map is moving on slowly... but it is moving ;-) TACs are going to become some primitive sort of Reece. You can apply just the range tech on them. Have to test if it is possible that they can recon the attacked are in a radius of 2. If not maybe i put 2 Strikes on them. Have to think about it some more time. AT-Guns are becoming small Garrison/Division Units. Very weak but good enough to defend some towns. Best Regards Dominik ;-) P.S. If the Allied Sea blockade is succesfull- Yes food riots in Germany
  9. @Happycat I Already considered to include the riots in Ireland (And rest of the World^^) Most probably connected with Decision Events. For Ireland a German one! As in History they tried to send (Captured French and Russian) Arms to Ireland to support they movement. But they failed to meet. If the Player decides to Help them (Destroyer=for Armstransport) has to reach the Irish coast. then a Partisan Group will appear in Ireland. If not... Just the usual Riots hitting supply level. Something like that for Senussi, Boer or Muslim Conscripts in Russia :-) BTW now building the Caucasus Regio
  10. I didn´t believed it myself, but the name for Köln => Cöln was used until 1919. The Same goes for Zagreb, then named Agram -.- The russian pre-bolshevik names are just a pain to research :-) The gameplay hasn´t changed much from the basic gameplay. Someone ever tried to play GC without Aircraft and Tanks.... It gets static :-) So far thanks for positive comment :-) Cheers Dominik
  11. Mod ist still in Progress, at the moment the European Theatre is good playable. Haven´t introduced many Scripts yet. After I finish the southern and northern Region of Russia and the Middle East i start to create Scripts :-) Changed Paras to Cavalry Corps. I think to convert AA to Garrisons with no real Combat Value but usable to protect cities from light attacks. Rockets are convertet to Gas Artillery (Higher Morale Killing Capability) Any Idea what I can use AT-Guns and Attack Planes for? :-) @KvP I upload Pictures on Imageshack and Link them to the Forum. Look at the Pics the K
  12. Guys, stay tuned ;-) Going to read your Posts carefully and I try to post a image showing all done Areas of the WW1 Mod! Wait till Sunday ;-) Cheers Dominik
  13. The minus of that decision is that Lulea harbour got no acess to the Baltic Sea during Winter which results in loosing MPP´s. On the other hand you can avoid a Allied sea blockade. I realized the frozen harbour during my offensive operations. Then i needed the Mpps arrrg
  14. Got some News for you guys! Denmark & Colonies, Benelux and Mainland of France are finished. Techunits of German, French and British Planes are completed too ;-) Here you see how the actual size of the Map will become, its just the western Front but i start to work from the Western Europe to the East. (Already did some skirmishes with the Belgians ^^) The German Colonies in Africa (down to Namibia) will be included later! Tank tech starts in 1914 at 0 Allies already got one chit in research. Development of them later on depends on the Player. Chemical Weapons and G
  15. Jesus, thats a big map! Love the work you put in it. My deep respect. Looks really good! Sadly the slow downs kills the game experience. Cheers Dominik;)
  16. I am at 1944 and most of my Tech just reached 3 ^^ China had already fallen After the Invasion of Korea had become a massacre i Turned to the south-West. I Attacked China from the West (1 motorized Corps moved for the mines, which later increased to 4 Armies and 3 Corps). Most of my Mass stopped before Chungking. Allied Bombers, Fighters and TAC in northern Burma stopped my russians from invading Rangoon and East-India. But Indochina, Malaya, Borneo and even Alaska are fully "liberated" by the russians. Well Quite a huge mass of American are traveling on the Alaska Hihway but my Corps and Arm
  17. Good evening all! @Snowstorm At the moment i am still thinking how to introduce tanks in WW1. I think that the building limit will be held quite small attack strikes reduced to 1 and more important; Mobility really expensive. Maybe After Tech 3 they start to become really usefull (like they really had become). I think they are going to be support units like AA and Artillery are in SC. Just more effective for breakthrougts. Lets see what first test games will say @Colin It won´t be a World Map. "Just" a really enlarged America, Europe and Africa Map. I Was thinking about a World Map b
  18. First thanks for the nice comments. I try to increase the hexes. Especially in Europe and Middle East. Africa and America are slimed down but are going to be used Colonial Wars will be representet just in Africa notably Tanzania. America to represent the American-occupation of Veracruz (Tampico Affair) and Pancho Villa and the battle of the Falkland islands The Map I used to present the new skins is just a first prototype (Modification of an old Map) I try to use the full map size but when i try to import the map indexes the editor crashes and just show one hex. Another one 346x120
  19. At first i must say that im really happy that Global Conflict is finally released:D Like it very much and at the moment i am encircling India With a Sovjet-German Offensive. Now where we finally can build much greater Maps. I was starting to create a WW1 Mod. At the moment i just finished some pop-ups, pictures and interfacethinks. It all startet as i bought the Emhar Mk. IV tank kit. After that I and a Friend talked about a possibility to create a WW1 SC-Mod. Now I try to build a European-Middle East Map three times bigger than the standart SC-Europe Scenario with extensions like Afri
  20. As Far as it is I like this game! Finally an Korea-War scenario:) The game is for UN-Players very easy. You can bomb with your TACs nearly everything away. Maybe some air units for NK-Troops at start? They used some La-9 and Il-10 planes at the beginning. What about cutting the funds of UN-Troops several time? (Peace negotiations) By the way: I want to cruise with some Pershing, Patton or Centurion tanks through the hilly landscape? (Possibility to build tanks) But at all it is great fun :-) Cheers Dominik
  21. Would it be possible to "Pop-up" Partisans via Script? If I recall it right it was not possible in PDE. What about a Garrison Unit? No attack but very limited defence abilities, like HQs? Reeinforing them should be quite expensive/ or there max hitpoints are 5. Cheers Dominik
  22. What if Japan and Germany had won the war? Imagine a new Cold war which gets hot. Imagine Independent U.S. West-Coast State fights against German supported Confederate State of East U.S. Japanese are fighting Krauts in Afghanistan................ Sounds cool Cheers Dominik
  23. If Nazis symbols are going to be introduced it would be fine.h (everyone playing axis and tries to dominate the (virtual) world ;-) I like historical accurate graphics. Cheers Dominik
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