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  1. Ya it sounds like you'd much prefer Project Reality or ARMA2 or maybe Darkest Hour (mod for Red Orchestra, personally I think RO2 is greatly inferior to the original) Unfortunately RO1 has almsot no server population anymore. Darkest Hour though still usually has a full or close to full 70 player server during peak hours. PR has a large playerbase.

    PR has an astounding amount of teamplay even in public servers. It is the norm for everyone to have mics, use them, and follow orders from squad leaders and commander. If you don't you get kicked pretty quick.

    RO/DH do not have that level of teamplay, but are still great games.

    Also I've never really played the vanilla BF series (I got BF2 only for PR), but from what I've heard BF3 is considered by many the worst of the series apart from maybe BC2.

  2. Bit of an old thread, but I just have to recommend Conquest of the Aegean. Not the exact setting you're looking for but if you want mountains terrain it should be right up your alley. I actually bought it a while ago but only just started playing it recently. It's very very addicting and well put together. The AI is also the best I've ever seen in a wargame. The game I was just playing had me attempting to stall a German Panzer division with of couple armor battalions and a few units of infantry and AT. The AI repeatedly sent recce probes deep in my rear to attempt to cut off my armor formations which were doing most of the stalling work while I had my infantry and AT units setting up at ambush points.

    For an operational game, it's pretty crazily immersive and I was getting a kick out of how well one battery of 2 pounders---which I'd nestled at the top of a hill in between two forested areas---performed, managing to destroy two enemy recce companies and forcing the retreat of multiple armored units. They pretty much single handedly ended up holding up the advance of an entire enemy armored battalion as well as forcing my AI opponent to divert loads of resources to finish them off.

    Anyways it's a great game. It's part of a series though and you might want to buy the latest one "Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge" as it has a few more features.

  3. Performance definitely seems better than CMBN... I also prefer the terrain to the whole bocage deal. I was getting pretty sick of that.

    Kinda broke right now though so I can't get it yet.

    I played the one with US rangers attacking a small village and that was a lot of fun... going to try the Niscemi one now, which side is more challenging to play versus the AI? Does the AI have plans for that scenario?

  4. I do kinda wish you could pick up weapons off dead team members immediately.

    I agree with JonS though that reloading is fine. Yes it's annoying to have to get in the truck and then disembark (minimum of 2 turns, usually 3), but it's more realistic than instagrabbing ammo. Poesel's suggestion is even better though if that could get coded.

    On the other hand I do wish soldiers would pick up weapons off dead friendlies much quicker. Maybe have it separate from buddy aid? Anyways, it's not a huge deal.

  5. Ya pretty much what Womble said. If you only have one tank firing at a position the defenders will still be taking potshots for at least a few minutes (quite possibly longer). If you have a tank and a few MGs firing at it they're unlikely to even pop their head up. Can make a big difference when your assault team shows up.

  6. Has anyone read this? I was thinking of picking it up since I'd like to have a deeper understanding of military doctrine and I just find this kind of stuff fascinating as both a fan of history and all things military-related.

    But how readable is it? Is it basically just something for people actually in the military or can it be read by "laymen" too? Also how applicable is it in wargames? (not just CM but other types as well) Also is more purely strategic in approach or can it be applied to low level tactics too?

  7. You could conceivably agree with your opponent any kind of house rulevin this regard, i.e. lets pause every 60 seconds, give orders and unpause etc. This particular exemple would replicate the old tcp ip mode.

    But it would also be nice to have an inbuilt feature that would allow you to set up regular pause intervals without player intervertion, I presume that was what you meant?


    I don't see having to manually pause every 60 seconds being workeable (what do you do, keep looking at a clock while you're busy issuing orders? Doesn't sound feasible to me)

    I still look forward to when we have full on we-go tcp-ip though.

    Even with pausable RT (no replay), you will still lose considerable situational awareness, and are unable to enjoy the combat on a "small scale" for fear of missing something crucial (i.e. hidden AT gun firing while you're busy looking trying to see if a MG you set up has LOS to an enemy position)

    Is this wego without replay going to be in FI Steve? Are is that for a later game? Anyways I'm glad to hear you guys are still moving in that direction. Hopefully we'll get replay at some point.

    I dunno why you guys don't consider PBEM "online" though. I only play PBEM with CMBN but that's not because I'm a huge fan of PBEM but because I just don't enjoy RT at all. And the only way I can play the game with turns against a human is PBEM. So I would fall under the "only PBEM player" category because I don't play RT, but that's not because I'm not interested in tcp-ip play, just not the RT variety ;)

    Anyways, just because someone doesn't play RT does not mean they wouldn't play wego tcp-ip were it available (like me). WEGO tcp-ip is pretty much just pbem for people who can set aside larger chunks of time anyways.

    I found it hard to believe before that so many were satisfied with playing the AI, but if you're not including PBEM players that explains a lot.

  8. Did you notice that armor cover arc is coming with v2.0? MTC combined with the new armor cover arc will be a tremendous step forward and should make hunt quite obsolete.

    Not entirely. The hunt command lets you continue after an enemy contact has disappeared which doesn't work with the current move to contact order.

    But you're right it's definitely a big improvement. Now at least when used in combination with armor cover arc a tank won't stop for every single lone enemy infantryman.

  9. I don't know why some on here seem to assume that multiplayer = dumbing down the game or turning into some kiddie twitch based game. I think it might have to do with the age of some of the people on here (no offence ;)), but multiplayer does not mean "deathmatch mode". It just means playing humans rather than bots.

    IMO of all the genres of gaming, wargaming is the one where having diverse multiplayer options is the *most* important since it tends to be one of the most complex genres and so making a competent AI is nearly impossible. To me if a game is not challenging it's boring so that's why it matters. The AI has zero ability to react or think on its feet, which isn't really BFC's fault since it's a gargantuan task, but it would matter a lot less if there was a robust multiplayer system (i.e. something other than just the click festy real time mode which *does* rely on hand-eye coordination to an extent if you're playing with anything more than a platoon, and the snails pace PBEM)

    Anyways I know this isn't a priority for BFC, but I think it's a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy when they say that the majority of their customer base is not interested in playing other people.

    Personally I'd much rather see new releases with more functionality in this arena and others (armor cover arc etc etc) than just new settings and units. Obviously I want to get to the Ostfront as much as the next person but I'd rather delay that and have the core of the game at 100% first.

    I'm glad there will be a pauseable real time mode in the FI game though. I'm interested to see how that works out. Still not ideal, but definitely way better than the current system. Hopefully it allows for "auto pause" at certain intervals. That would be a huge step forward. (for example game stops every 60 seconds and resumes when both players click unpause)

  10. 1. Wego tcp-ip

    2. Armor cover arc

    3. Hunt command (not just move to contact which is important but serves dif purpose)

    4. Infantry not moving in single file line (formation options would be ideal)

    5. Able to shoot AT weapons from buildings

    6. Triggers for AI

    7. Barebones multiplayer lobby

    8. "Direction based" area fire (so a smoke grenade doesnt prevent from at least being able to fire in that direction)

    Most important for me.

  11. So all three of these will come out in the next 12 months? Well that's certainly exciting.

    Mord I see you talking about moveable waypoints etc. in post #3 where was this mentioned? I don't see it.

    Really hope you guys are able to add wego tcp-ip at some point. (and a hunt command and not just move to contact ;)) Also I hope you consider changing your stance on the whole "no AT weapons from buildings", especially for Market Garden.

  12. One scenario I played a German unit surrendered than unsurrendered and started firing again on my units, when the units that had captured them came under attack from another German position. They then surrendered AGAIN when aforementioned German position was eliminated. Couple minutes later, unsurrendered again when the same situation repeated itself :P. Not exactly a priority issue, but it'd be cool if once a unit rejoins the fight after surrendering once they can be mowed down without mercy even if they throw their hands up.

    Or just make it so that any unit passing through removes their weapons (not just a HQ unit). If it's too hard to remove weapons in the engine just reduce their ammo to 0.

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