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  1. I'm not very familiar with modern weapons systems so I'm not really sure what works against what. For tanks with ERA - is it just a case of throw all the ATGMs I have against it and hope I get lucky? Or is it a complete waste of time and I need to only use specific kinds of weaponry? (if so - what?)
  2. What would the quality of the various irregular troops be in comparison to regular Syrian army forces? Would there be a big discrepancy between say ISIS forces, other fundamentalist factions and say Peshmerga? I imagine some on here have followed the war really closely and could comment.
  3. I've PMed him but he hasn't been on the forums in a few months it seems. If anyone could upload them to dropbox or something similar I would be super appreciative. Especially eager to get my hands on the uniform ones. Thanks in advance! All the links I could find are dead.
  4. Yeah my situation was with infantry which made it even more noticeable.
  5. It used to be any gunfire or a partial spot would halt a unit's movement. Now it seems that it requires a full spot? I had a unit keep moving while under fire for a full 15 agonizing seconds. If it was changed, is there a way to order it so it is "soft"?
  6. Thanks Steve. New AI plans make them basically new anyways
  7. I'm kind of out of the loop - but from a cursory review it seems this way? Any new campaigns?
  8. Has anyone tested the effectiveness of it versus the regular G43? Mostly comes into play when trying to decide how to split a squad. Am I better off ignoring the fact that the thing has a scope on it and shoving all my semi-automatic and automatic weapons into the tip of the spear? Does it matter?
  9. I'm assuming that area fire can be combined with triggers correct? (so the AI can be set up to blanket an area with fire once it detects the player's units moving into the area in question)?
  10. This has got to be a game changer (from the engine upgrade that is) so it'd be great if this could happen.
  11. So I know Steve has mentioned in the past that this was very much a possible future addition to the game so I'm bringing it up again with the new release of the latest iteration. It would be great if we were able to select other units by clicking on their waypoint ala CMx1. Currently you can select only different waypoints of the currently selected unit. When you're messing around with dozens (or hundreds) of units it makes things a LOT less of a micromanagement nightmare when you can finetune everything at the scene of the action without constantly going back to select each origin unit. To go along with this, it would be nice if there was an added "show all paths" option that shows all paths even when no unit is selected. Aside from that, congratulations on the release!
  12. Some guy posted a prediction for RT's release based on a spreadsheet of pre-orders > time to release date for past CMx2 releases. Should be around somewhere on the forum.
  13. There's isn't much data (any?) for the effectiveness of various modern systems vs. various types of armor so I'm curious... how will BFC model these? Best guess?
  14. How does the damage system work for the various rifles? Is there something that makes a shot from a 50 cal less survivable than a scoped M14 for instance?
  15. Funny this thread pops up. I've just been considering buying this game. Normally I'm not into survival type games, but this is getting so much good press I find it hard to resist. Is there any replayability value? Most of the good user reviews on *that thing that comes out of a 19th century train* show like 4-6 hours played. Though that could just be because it's new. How's the emotional aspect of the game? I really like games that make me feel something. BTW the only thing not allowed I think is an actual link to anything related to this game.
  16. Gave me a good laugh. Thanks . It is a bit unsettling that CM chose this particular part of the world as their next fictional conflict setting given how the last one turned out.
  17. I had a battle recently where two separate trios of early T-34s failed to spot an enemy tank before getting wiped out. Each time only 1 spotted the enemy tank instantly, the other within a few seconds, and the last one not at all (over a period of 30 seconds or so). This was only ~250 meters out with nothing blocking their view. I'll post some screenshots in a bit. The opposing Panther and later PZIV had no issues whatsoever though. So it makes me wonder, is this from inferior Russian optics or having a crew of 3 being modeled?
  18. So does the C2 sharing have a real effect in terms of making it more likely for a friendly to spot an enemy contact seen by the scout?
  19. So in this game I'm playing, I have a scout in a very prominent but concealed position. Nearly 90% of the contacts I've spotted have been from him. Unfortunately, he does not have a radio and is not in C2 with his platoon HQ. Strangely though he shows a green dot for company and battalion HQ :confused:? (they're not anywhere near him) So a few questions. 1) Is it worth the trouble to try to get his platoon HQ in visual or even hearing distance of him? From reading around here I've gathered that one unit in C2 with another will slowly give friendly units his knowledge of enemy positions. So will moving the scout's HQ into C2 have the benefit of giving other units on the map better contacts? Is there any real benefit to them having spotted contacts through one degree of separation (i.e. does it make them more likely to spot enemy units that the scout can see)? 2) Finally --- why does the scout have green C2 for company and battalion HQ and is that "enough" for him to spread his intel to the rest of the battalion or do I need to get the scout into C2 with his platoon HQ as well?
  20. I would definitely love to see a new order for close assaulting. Something a bit slower than quick perhaps, with a higher likelihood of engaging the enemy. The actual assault command I never use, for wego I don't see the point. And though you can get pretty good results with very short waypoints + target briefly orders from said waypoints, you can still some slightly irksome moments as soldiers run past visible enemies in the last few yards.
  21. Am I better off moving on the rail itself or on the ground right next to it? IIRC in CMBB tanks got a penalty on rail --- but I could be remembering wrong.
  22. Ya it's a great feature, was a pleasant surprise when I accidentally used it.
  23. Reading this thread really makes me wish we could get an Arab-Israeli war CM .
  24. I underestimated how much having the C2 lines visible would make a difference. Very glad they are back in. Increases the "playability" of the game tenfold IMO. The way casualties are shown in the UI is a very good change as well. Perhaps best of all the nightmare of bocage terrain is at an end. Now we just need to be able to select waypoints from the lines themselves and all will be well . PS. Anyone who wants a tcp-ip wego game, shoot me a PM and let's set up a time.
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