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  1. That does sound better given our low playerbase, and more fun!! Players 1. Deadmeat 2. Berto 3. Boris Balaban
  2. It's been done before, let's do it again - The map will be random. Subject to research as to how well that would work. - All will be done PBEM - If a player drops out or becomes idle for more than a 7 days I will rematch the person if they so wish. - Matchups will be chosen by me using a random number generator. - it's a 1 match game, you either win or you loose - I will play too, as i'm using a RNG to determine who gets who. - Any skill level is welcome, I for example am totally skill less at EoS Players 1. Deadmeat
  3. A tribute to our maker. May she sail the seas forever.
  4. Boris you up for a pbem marathon this weekend? by that i mean will you be online for a sustained period of time in the next two days in which we could hammer out 10 or so turns?
  5. I was pretty much the same, i generally like to play pbem my strategy games. If your still interested i could put you on the list for the next game, a 3-way maybe? or i could take you on another 1vs1 Currently me and boris are duking it out, though neither of us have fired a shot quite yet
  6. PBEM report Currently its all working fine, we are plodding along The system is good, no problems, no crashes, nothing.
  7. Ok ill do one turn a day from now and we should get into a routine , if thats ok? if its too much dont worry just do when you can, ill check in ewch day
  8. K were off New turn 11:13 29/5/10
  9. hm. my email is shaunchattey@hotmail.com
  10. For reference: Mapsize is 800x800 (smallest possible due to 1v1) Large continents Normal density Jan 1st 1900 start date, 30 day turns. Official 1900-2030 ruleset 2 players Deadmeat1471 (Pirate flag) Boris (Nato flag) Game name: PBEMtestgame
  11. Boris want a small 1 vs 1 pbem game? if nothing else just to test the pbem system, and learn some MP strategy
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