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  1. Morning guys, I can see this thread is starting to move on so I'll make these my final observations, and just talk about one or two topics that have come up. Part Six Thanks. Everything you have said here is on point. I was just in the middle of writing up a response to something else but as you've brought up some points here I'll frame my answer a bit more around this. I feel exactly the same as you in that what other counties do, and how they go about forming their societies is totally up to them. I live here as an observer with the caveat that if I don't like it I can
  2. This exactly. Why would anyone here want to copy the American model when they are constantly told how terrible it is. An interesting facet of the perception of the USA among some people I've met that I'll just quickly add before signing off, is the idea that the US government is the bogeyman that all the corniest conspiracy theories make it out to be. All those impressions of China being a police state that spies on its own citizens is flipped around and amplified when talking about America. The same for their own government is scoffed at though, which I remember being incredulous at the
  3. Thanks feedback anyway guys, I'm happy many of you read my post. From what I have seen, the central party has surprisingly little control of the vast majority of China, though its grip has really tightened in many respects. I came here in 2012 just after Xi came to power. As the years have gone by, the anti-corruption drive that he instigated has picked off thousands of corrupt officials, and conveniently those who belonged to regional power bases that could be a threat. You have Guangzhou, the capital of the province I live in, Guangdong, which is the main manufacturing hub, Chongqing
  4. I'm not so sure comparisons from what I've said mean that by 'my logic' America loves Trump because there are people that support him there. If that's the message you took from what I have written then you've misunderstood me, which may be my fault in the way I have written my points. I don't mean to come across as facetious, but have you ever spent any decent amount of time in China? I have. I've been to every major city along the coast, from Hong Kong to Harbin. I've been to countless factories and met thousands of people in the last 8 years. I ran a project management curriculum for th
  5. There is one more thing I'll add on to these posts as I'm sat at my computer, so Part Five, The idea that the government is playing some long term geopolitical game. This has to be one of the most repeated descriptions of Chinese governance that I've seen/heard in the west, to the point where its been picked up by the state media here and is repeated as though that were the case all along. Its total rubbish, and ties in perfectly with their propaganda about China being older and wiser than these 'new' powers in the west. Total drivel. Yes, Deng XiaoPing had a public
  6. Back to the people starving bit - I don't know about this situation so I can't explain what happened, but for those stuck in their apartments in quarantine, a volunteer delivery service for food was established, and given the deserved praise from the public similar to the praise that the NHS in my country and the healthcare services in other countries are getting. All this defending China haha man I sound like some kind of shill. Seriously though, there are so many wrong perceptions in the west. Chinese are people too. They aren't all communist robots who have no emoti
  7. Just listening to the first few minutes of that reminds me why I never read or watch American news media. So many loaded statements. Just like the Chinese media haha. 'People being bundled into police vans to be taken god knows where' - Ummm probably either to the local police station or taken home, but not before having their ears chewed for breaking quarantine. The 'god knows where' bit is just tapped on the end, as though those people were never seen again. As for infected people being locked in their homes and left to starve - while I have no doubt that happened, it wasn't exactl
  8. Part Four I think what we can take from all this, what is most important above all, is that there *needs* to be a Combat Mission game with the PLA in it. If battlefront needs help with translations, or anything, I can help.
  9. Part Three Another example of Mainland Chinese views on democracy - look at the public perception of Taiwan. Most people here agree Taiwan has a great economy, and enjoys freedoms unparalleled in the rest of China. Are Chinese jealous, demanding that the Republic of China Government be brought back over to rule in place of the PRC? Hell no. Many people think Taiwan should be forcibly retaken and the leaders tried as traitors. Taiwan independence? Forget it. Cai Yingwen is portrayed as a mere puppet of the USA and Japan, who should be executed for her treachery for ignor
  10. Just to add on a part two The perception that mass unemployment will start a chain reaction of events resulting in the overthrow and possibly even murder of leaders is pretty far from reality. Your average Chinese person in the street does not look at America, or western countries, with envious eyes at our political system, and yearn for the chance to have a government that they can have voting participation in. What Chinese people think of their government is polar opposite of what westerners think. You cannot underestimate the effect of non-stop nationalistic propaganda on how pe
  11. Hey all, Came to check up on this forum on the off chance that my fantasy Combat Mission: OPLAN 5029 was going to be announced and we'd finally get to see the PLA in action in this series. I don't normally post here, I *think* my last post was about 9-10 years ago, but after reading through this thread and seeing some strong opinions and predictions about China, I thought I'd throw in my two cents, as Americans like to say. I've lived in China for 8 years, speak Mandarin up to HSK level 4-5, and work in manufacturing. I've sat through this whole COVID-19 epidemic, since it firs
  12. Hey guys as it happens I am also overseas, in fact I haven't logged into this forum in a very long time and have only recently got back into combat mission as I have a new laptop. I have been experiencing the same download problems. It's been a while and in my absence Ive missed everything from just after commonwealth for cmbn up to red thunder, so naturally I have been trying to download all of the demos, and just like rudel have had slow speeds or connection drop outs or both. This is not a problem with my connection as I had been trying it at home, a friends house and at work and I didn
  13. Hey guys Im still playing if anyone fancies a PBEM match? Just PM me for my email if you are interested, I don't mind any set up or any scenario. Cheers
  14. For your viewing pleasure: the first vids tackles are quite run of the mill to be fair. This second vid has some more recent ones: If you guys know any NFL harsh tackle compilation vids, post em up!
  15. We do the same in Rugby , minus the helmet.... though you are allowed to wear a sweatband. I'm interested in what Americans actually think of Rugby.... Nobody knowing or even caring about their national team in a major international sport says quite a lot. Ive heard that the NFL or some other official body is pushing to get American football into the Olympics, and there is some talk about introducing Rugby as well as (association) Football. (On a side note, an actual national British football/rugby team would be an odd thing indeed). Anyway, if this is the case, I would assume that Am
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