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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this post, I was in the middle of sending in a ticket when I decided to take a quick look in the forum first. Weird that 3.0 would be the one to work, but it was the only license key I hadn't tried that "took".
  2. I think Veins effects have modded tracers? http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117756-veins-cmbs-effects/
  3. Another thanks for the update post! Looking forward to checking things out
  4. I've been curious for a while about this idea in general, what would it feel like inside a modern tank that took a hit that didn't penetrate? From another tank let's say. Like a knock on the door? A little push? A car crash? I just don't have any concept as to what it would be like. I wonder if any of our real-life tankers have heard stories they could share? Edit - obviously hope they haven't been in a tank that got hit! Just meant stories they might have heard, or what they understand it would be like based on their knowledge.
  5. +1 I gotta say I'm begining to wish the moderation here was a little more 'active'. This guys posts have been consistently arrogant, condescending, and most of all insulting - what value is he adding to any of the discussions? There are plenty of posters here who can disagree, even argue without basically calling the other person an idiot. Is it an attempt at humor or something? It doesn't come off that way.
  6. This I genuinely don't get - Steve already posted that this is a guy who was already banned, so what's the benefit of letting him post under a different name? http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118902-we-need-another-the-road-ahead-from-bf/
  7. Think I ran into a similar issue playing that small nighttime single mission (where you're tasked with taking out some anti-air with javilen teams). A team would be on hunt, see the armour, then duck down and that was that. Tried hunting again, slow moving, armour arcs, couldn't seem to get them to shoot. Was a little frustrating. Maybe they need to be left alone for a while? Thinking about it now that's the only thing I didn't really try, was to just have them sit for a bunch of turns and see what happens.
  8. Longbow 2 really was one of the all time tops, I think. Most likely you can run it on Win7, although there can be hoops to go through depending on your hardware. A good place to look would be here, lots of info http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/2/1/Helicopters This might be a good place to start http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4075535/
  9. Cool, thanks, that totally makes sense. You mentioned SA-11/15's earlier, I've always thought those things must be particularly terrifying (and they've been blowing me up in most of my simming life since the late 90s). Would it still have to be aviation that went after those nowadays? I'm guessing you could use cruise missles, If they were available, but if not.... stealth? Guess I'm wondering if they're as scary as they seem, basically! Thanks
  10. I have to say I feel the opposite - I'm glad they stand up for themselves, and they are certainly never rude to people unless people are rude to them first. He's explained the reasons why lots of the things people want won't be forthcoming in a totally clear, logical way, many times; and there are a small number people who just refuse to accept the answer and basically think they know better, and a (very) few number of those people can end up getting pretty nasty - so why not defend themselves? I'm sure it'd be easier in a big company to let the forum manager, or whoever, deal with the
  11. Cool, thanks for writing! Guess I was thinking that gps would be a little more of a 'magic bullet' than it is... thought maybe if you were high enough, the bomb could travel far enough. Makes sense though that a harm or maverick would be the way to go, range wise, as it does have a rocket attached to it after all.
  12. Cool thanks Steve, I figured it was a good guess I got why you left it up and put those sites as a rebutal, just figured might be better to get rid of it in the long run. Majority of the thread is super interesting, enjoy reading.
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