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  1. Turn 22 BD has some really bad luck this turn (at least it looks that way), and my Germans reap the benefit, inflicting some serious damage on the Canadians. That Sherman which has been on the fringes of the battle for the last few minutes starts the turn by manoeuvring into what looks like a solid hull-down position to take on my Tiger. It gets two shots off, but from what I can see both end up hitting the foliage directly in front of the tank. Finally, the explosions alert the Tiger's own crew to act; levelling the main gun they open fire and the first shot is a direct hit which force
  2. Turn 21 Tick, tick, tick... I'm now frantically watching the clock in the hope that plane will re-emerge. There's no sign of it this turn and according to my FO team it's still "preparing". But we definitely heard it pass overhead last turn so, unless the Canadians have called in some air support, it should be arriving any time now. If it is, there's just a chance that it could have a devastating effect. This turn sees the enemy building up in both the central map and on the right flank. My PHQ unit, still concealed in tall grass on the ridge, spot perhaps a couple of platoons of enemy t
  3. Outstanding. Don't worry about CMBO; I recruited my Dad recently (this probably doesn't count as an achievement on the same level) and his computer's so knackered that's the only CM game he can run.
  4. Great, thanks. Yes, the tank has LOS to the road junction just beyond the Sherman and my FO team. As soon as the Canadians reach that area, it should be able to hit them. Also, by fractionally adjusting its position, I can have it target the point where I think the advance on my right flank is going to come across the river and link up with the central force. At the moment I can see three Shermans on the map. They are reassuringly spread out and I am hopeful that on this basis the Tiger should pick them off. More worryingly, there is also an M10 lurking somewhere to the rear; haven't seen t
  5. Yep, Tiger is buttoned, but with my FO team in the house and the spotters on the ridge I have a reasonable sense of what's coming. I don't really want the Tiger commander getting hit by a lucky shot from a Bren or something given that the tank is, in all likelihood, going to be pretty crucial to the outcome of this game. As ever, I am not a very experienced player of the game (I'm particularly poor with armour) so if people think this is the wrong strategy, I'm all ears. Those Canadians who got hit last time looked to be scout teams to me. There are some signs that they're assembling a
  6. Turn 20 Following the appearance of the Bren gunner and his mate last turn, skirmishing now breaks out on the fringes of the village, as the enemy make a couple of ill-advised probes over its protective ridge. First, what looks like a scout team sprints for the vineyards at the village-edge, apparently trying to catch Jobst's team which opened up on the Bren last turn. Both are minced by other MG teams in nearby buildings before they can get close. Moments later, Jobst's own team take out the gunner who was targeting the retreating MG42 squad. Over on the weplayciv site I've made some v
  7. Turn 19 The Tiger takes up position without coming under fire, which is a huge relief, obviously. Here it is peering threateningly over the road, towards the Sherman that I was fretting about last turn. Over by the village, something of a bizarre war triangle emerges as the team we spotted last time crawling into one of my cover arcs come under fire. The turn has barely begun when a detachment from one of the squads under the command of one OGefr. Jobst opens up on the Canadians, sending bullets whizzing across their front at an oblique angle. The enemy Bren gunner, however,
  8. Turn 18 No further casualties, but I think that the action is finally about to get serious after the preliminary skirmishing and general manoeuvring that has defined the first few minutes of the battle. The Canadians are moving forward with what looks to be decreasing caution; this turn a Sherman pulls up just a matter of yards away from my concealed forward observer team, who are still hoping that they can sneak in another airstrike before they kick the bucket (I somehow doubt it, chaps. Sorry). More pressingly, this tank is disturbingly close to having oversight of a critical area
  9. Turn 17 It's not a good minute to be in an MG42 team this time round, as the Canadians finally start to inflict some casualties from a distance. On the right flank, my MG team which was being targeted by the Sherman at the end of last turn is hit by an HE round before it can move to a safer position. The gunner is killed, and his gun is destroyed. Meanwhile on the left, the mortars fail to cause casualties, but do successfully knock out another gun, which is left pointing uselessly into the sky. That's two guns gone in one move. Fortunately due to the Germans' rather heavy-we
  10. Yes, that's roughly the plan. The armour is already spotted - the FO teams and that PHQ on the ridge have done a good job. The problem with hitting his tanks from a serious distance is that the terrain offers mixed lines of sight. For example, that Sherman which just took a shot at my MG team on the right flank can see their position, but once I move the MG team back about 30 metres and 10 metres over to the left, they should be obscured. My strategy is to get him to probe forward with his infantry (he clearly has masses of it) and use the Tiger against them first if the armour is lingering
  11. It's a classic! Thanks for the comment - the plane has had a mixed effect; I think it's hit the infantry in the centre map pretty hard and it combined well with the off-map artillery to harass BD's men for the first part of the battle. In terms of taking out enemy armour, however, it's been a total waste of time! Every bomb missed its target and I'm going to have to be very careful in terms of how I use the Tiger. I think he's got at least 4 Shermans and an M10. Armour is usually my weak point when it comes to this game, although I've been reading up on tactics in an effort to do better this t
  12. Turn 16 My first seriously worrying turn of the game sees the Canadians pull off a couple of surprises. First, that mortar fire that was targeting my MG on the left flank ceases, but more rounds start to fall - very precisely - in the vicinity of the other MG team I have covering that area. I wasn't aware that these guys had even been spotted, indeed, they've been quietly scanning the left flank for the best part of 10 minutes now and we haven't seen a soul since the plane was doing its strafing runs. My guess is that the Canadians are in that house where my forward observation team
  13. Turn 15 It's a simple enough turn, with the Canadians still moving very cautiously. I've only seen evidence of small clusters of men heading through the centre of the battlefield so far and the right flank has gone quiet again. This is a point of nagging frustration; my mortars have just landed a spotting round short of where I think the enemy are on the right, but for now they've gone to ground. On the left flank the bombardment begins in earnest - the red circle in the pic below shows Canadian rounds being wasted on the foxholes which, a few minutes ago, were inhabited by my MG42 team.
  14. Turn 14 Doubtless after a couple of turns spent establishing that the plane really has gone, the Canadians are on the move again, bringing up their reserves in the map's central area, and tending to the wounded following my combined airstrike and mortar bombardment. I have eyes on three Shermans at the moment; two on the right flank and one in the centre (pictured below). BD seems to be spreading them quite thin, using them to cover the infantry's advance. From what I can see he's not actually covering areas where I have many Germans concentrated, although he's not going to realise that yet
  15. Thanks, both (and for the tip, Ian - hadn't realised I could do that). Sorry that progress is a little slow, but we've both had work commitments get in the way. Plus BD has a new young 'un to look after!
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