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  1. That is actually very interesting Grong and it would be useful to understand why that happened. I captured Algiers and Paris at the same time today and Franco did offer to join me. So I'd say its either the diplomacy you mentioned or that you did not have a unit stationed in Algiers, which I think could also be a requirement.
  2. Looking for an opponent for the vanilla World at War 1939 scenario. If you are interested, please send me a PM.
  3. Let me go first then: A current problem is that when the USSR surrenders to Japan it will trap all German troops inside Russia. They don't receive any supply from Japanese cities and it takes about 2 years for them to get out of Russia because they only move 1 square a turn. On top of this Japan doesn't have a direct railway to the majority of Russia, which causes all cities to work on only 30% efficiency. This makes it very foolish to capture the USSR with a Japanese unit. Of course you can solve this by waiting for a German unit, but it is not desirable for the Axis player to have to
  4. Thanks for responding, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  5. Thank you very much for explaining this, it is clear to me now. It sounds like a very good system, although it seems to imply a very large number of balance shifts. These will be interesting to explore. So if I may, I'd like to expand a bit more on this topic. From your explanation I gather that the attack and defense values are used and not the upgrade level directly. Does this not raise issues with submarines? Because as the war progresses and submarines and destroyers get better, the submarine will comparatively get worse, because the submarine will never do more damage to the destroyer
  6. These are absolutely fantastic additions to the game. Glad to see an added partisan map mode. I am most curious about the updated combat: This sounds like a pretty big change and I am excited to see what influence that will have on the game. Could you expand on this a bit more, how exactly does it work when a level 5 tank attacks a level 0 tank? Will the level 0 tank be unable to damage the level 5 tank? And how does this affect combat between different unit types, like fighters vs bombers or tanks vs infantry? Some additional information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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