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  1. http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/
  2. ok, I could easily cut one of maps down, or if you have a map, also if you would prefer AK I dont mind, also if you would prefer less points as well on a smaller map? although it will probably have to wait until I get back from holiday on the 20th so if your still interested then just let me know. Marx
  3. Hi, I've got a couple of largish inner city maps, 800x800 1200x800. The 800x800 has a river flowing through it and is partially desroyed, the 1200x800 has some docks at one end. I wouldnt mind playing a PBEM if it was about 1000 points or so. just PM me if your interested only thing is I will be away from the 11th-20th of august Marx
  4. Sorry I meant 1500 points or less not 2000
  5. Hi, Im looking for an opponent to play either PBEM or TCP/IP games on either CMAK (early East Africa would be good) or CMBB. Preferably smallish 2000 points or less ME. I havent played many games vs Humans but hopefully it won't be too easy for you E-mail me if you interested Marx
  6. Ahh sorry about that, and thanks Merkin Muffley for putting the right link there. Marx
  7. Im sure everyone else has probably found this site long before I did, but it is very interesting so I thought I would share it with everyone. It has WWII vehicles from every country in the war and it gives lots of detailed info on most of the vehicles. here is the link http://http://www.wwiivehicles.com/unitedkingdom/default.asp Marx
  8. This 'quirk' has had some really bad results. Playing against the AI one of my flamethrowers had snuck up on an enemy position, and instead of using flame, he used his small arms fire and game himself away, he died shortly after. Marx
  9. Hi, everyone Just signed up to the forums, no idea why it has taken me so long, but finally got round to doing it. Does anyone fancy a game? It would probably be a guarenteed victory. For although I have played for a few years now, I have only played against the AI, and never ventured into the real of multiplayer. Also if anyone wanted to play be PBEM they would have to tell me how to load files etc as I have never done it before. Any help much apriciated. Cheers Marx
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