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  1. Happycat chose the option to send Stillwell and noted that it's an always "yes", but in a game where Chungking is about to fall, I think he shows up near a small city on the border of Burma or IndoChina - near where a Garrison unit starts the game. If Chungking falls then you have a good HQ - Stillwell - stuck in the middle of nowhere China. Is there any strategic significance to the mountain towns that are along the road leading southwest out of Chungking once Chungking falls? Does the allied player want Stillwell stranded there?
  2. Why wait until now - so late - to take Nanning in southern China? Was it some tricky move to keep US Entry down? Also do you have to take all ports in Philippines or do they all fall to Japan once Manila is taken and the minor country surrenders? Same question for NEI? How early did you have to launch Amphib forces to get them in place for all of these operations? I'm curious how you decide what ports to take east of NEI to take with Japan? I'm glad that you explained about Wake, but what is the logic with other ports in the south Pacific? Does Japan pay MPP's to launch amphib forces
  3. Ok thanks, I realize counterattack, but one question - and I'm looking for an opinion here, is whether it's worth spending MPP's to bring them up to strength 10?
  4. I've got a few general questions. As Soviets what do you do with your light tanks? Is it worth MPP to repair them to full strength or do you just throw them away as speed bumps or making counterattacks whenever possible and not worry about building them up to 10 strength? Is anti-air investment worth making as SU or just focus on infantry and AT an aerial combat techs? Thanks
  5. Still LF opponent SOE WW2. Beginner to intermediate lvl. Pls email jj.denver at yahoo dot com or PM.
  6. Hi, I am new to the game although I played some of the earlier SC iterations long ago. I'm looking for another newbie, no sharks. It would be no fun for you to beat me to pieces for 6 months anyway. I'd prefer to play the WW2 scenario, but am also willing to play WW1 call to arms if I can't find a game of WW2. I'd take either side in WW2, but prefer Entente in WW1. Pls email me at jj dot denver at yahoo dot com. I am not sure what turn rate I can support - probably a turn a day I think. Cheers
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