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  1. I will admit that no small degree of luck allowed me to come through with no casualties. The air attack could have been as bad for me as it was for you but my Stinger team lucked in with a first pass kill. I don't know if the scenario has more than one AI plan but the route along the river was the path of least resistance for my game. My artillery scouring the tree lines may have had something to do with that being a relatively 'safe' route for me.
  2. I voted for an up to date setting but truth be told, I am fine with the original setting as long as current equipment is added. A sort of "the 2008 invasion went well but the aftermath (long term insurgency) is still being dealt with". Still, a 'War Against ISIS' would be a cool, currently relevant backstory for a re-imagined CMSF.
  3. In a CMSF scenario, I witnessed one of my snipers fire a single shot at an enemy 2 man RPG team moving towards by my forces at between 400 and 500 metres. One was right behind the other when the fateful shot was fired and both went down as casualties immediately on the one shot. So 'punch through' on soldiers does appear to be simulated in the game.
  4. Sometimes, you have to wait for the assets to come on-line to get the job done and done without getting shot up in the process. That is a lesson some players learn the hard way. I think in many cases, players are too hasty and feel the pressure of the clock and end up 'rushing to disaster'. This scenario is one in which haste will result in dead soldiers.
  5. Something people can try if they are having difficulty. I only send one squad (I split them to two teams) down the left side to do the objectives and everything else stayed on the ridge line. Work the overwatching forces into places they can observe. Once you got 'lots of eyes' watching, when the enemy AGL and MG open up, you should spot them fairly quickly and destroy them with your mortars (note: precision rounds isn't just for vehicles). Watch the enemy artillery and move those forces that you think the enemy artillery is trying to adjust onto. Doing the above should allow you
  6. I am working my way through the scenario 'Cry Havoc' and I can confirm that the Raven can be shot down by a Tunguska with super annoying regularity.
  7. I completed Objective Delta with no casualties and a Total Victory as the US side. This is a scenario in which you can get much mileage out of the UAV and precision rounds. Send in the attack helos on spotted enemy armor as well. That leaves the infantry to contend with, with their hand held anti - armor weapons. Bahger has the gist of it - eliminate the enemy vehicles before pushing on the objectives. I don't recommend a left side or a down the middle approach because your forces will be shot at from three sides. I took the right side approach, hugging the river (an obstacle to
  8. It has been stated that a upgrade of the game engine for CMSF is being considered and most likely will happen but there is no time frame given. My guess is probably a full year to two years off as a few modules to support the CMBS game and the much awaited 'Bulge' game for the CMBN line of games would take priority.
  9. Operation Delta was a challenge. In fact, all the scenarios that I managed no casualties in were a challenge, so I hope no one gets the impression that I found them easy. And the no casualties in Operation Delta came down to luck because near the end game, when the Russian fast air came in, all my vehicles were on the move in the open. Thankfully, the lone Stinger team pitched their best fast ball and downed the Frogfoot because otherwise, I would be short one vehicle as a minimum and probably most of the occupants.
  10. Yes, I was a combat arms officer for 17 years, mainly in the artillery. Tactics, especially unconventional ones is my forte. I actually was dressed down by a brigadier general for screwing up his brigade exercise, because the OPFOR platoon I commanded as the enemy forces caused such confusion and mayhem that my 'mere' 'Motor Rifle' platoon imposed a three hour delay in the brigade attack and my platoon inflicted some 17 vehicle casualties and destroyed nearly two full companies of infantry during a 'refereed' brigade field exercise. A story for another time. I found in First Clash
  11. My tried and true method is having two or more squads working in together. Squad A area fires the building to be assaulted. Wait long enough (about 15 seconds) for the volume of fire to put some serious suppression on the enemy. Squad B quick moves to the building and into it. Just before they enter the building, Squad A stops firing or shift fire to another nearby building. If the street crossing is high risk, Squad B drops smoke into the street as Squad A starts their area fire. By the time Squad B starts their move across the street, they are covered in smoke for the move. O
  12. I will see if I have a screen shot to put up but my personal best for Black Sea, so far, is the standalone scenario - First Clash. My losses - 2 WIA. Enemy Losses - 27 T-90s, 15 BTRs, 1 AA and 1 Other vehicle and just over 150 KIA / WIA / MIA I have done August Morning, Opportunity Knocks, Objective Delta and one other scenario I don't recall the name without taking any casualties but I don't count those as personal bests because they are small battles and anyone with caution and good tactics can come away with minimal casualties. I count First Clash due to the larger size of
  13. I just finished playing Objective Delta and the sole Stinger unit took down the SU-25 Frogfoot on its first pass. Most likely a luck shot but it is the only scenario so far I have played in which the Russian air has actually come out to play. I played some other scenarios in which Russian air is warned of in the briefing and I got Stingers but the Russian air was a no show...
  14. I'm played a multilplayer game with someone in which the highest level HQ unit (the leader soldier in particular) represents you. If your pixeltruppen representing you become a casualty, you lose the scenario immediately. And there is no gamey hiding the HQ in the corner of the map stuff allowed. Adds a certain edge to the game. It gets no more 'iron' than that.
  15. Compared to the sediment expressed so far, I find they work quite well in the scenario 'First Clash'. The US forces get a Raven and a Grey Eagle. I positioned the Grey Eagle on maximum area coverage over a village with a number of unknown contacts and the Raven on linear search over a treeline just before one of my objectives. In the space of 10 minutes, the Grey Eagle has spotted 3 T-90 tanks (some of them in the treeline) and 5 BMP-3 and a AA vehicle buried in hedges and beside buildings. In the same amount of time, the Raven spotted 3 BMP-3s in the treeline near the objective.
  16. I wouldn't say you play too much Battlefield. It is just the the representation of vehicles and support weapons in Battlefield isn't based on reality except superficially.
  17. I may get around to play this at some point, but I started it and looked the the narrow strip of land the enemy has and thought - Oh no, another one of the scenarios where the world end a few hundred beyond my deployment area. Then I looked that the forces I had to defend this large piece of real estate and deemed them inadequate. I looked at the ammo level and thought - Oh my god, I have to resupply in the middle of a battle. So I complained to my higher headquarters. I requested to defend forward of the bridges. Denied. I requested an immediate resupply prior to the enemy's
  18. I rarely lose but when I do lose, I am thankful it is not real life. I consider the facts leading to the loss, and then in the finest 'Have at thee, Varlet!' attitude, I play the same scenario again.
  19. I liked this one as well. I scooted one Javelin team down the treeline on the far left, another team down the treeline on the river and another with the command squad on the far right (the risky approach as it is all open terrain). The command element and Javelin team on the far right ran into a patrol and had to withdraw, with one man wounded but the enemy squad was eliminated. The middle element managed to make it to position and with security being provide by the in-place scouts, managed to take out two of the AA vehicles, and then both teams withdrew. By the time middle and ri
  20. This scenario I have played three times as the Ukrainians, doing three different defense plans. Two of scenarios ended in brutal street fighting and close quarter battles. One plan was the fall back to the victory zones in the city, repeatedly ambushing the Russian forces in street to street fighting. That one turned out fairly well in the end with solid victory but the casualties were high (but acceptable in regards to victory conditions) for the Ukrainians. Next, I tried a 'Hold the Line' type of defence. It went well until the second wave showed up and then I got slammed as the m
  21. Real Time for me. The only time I play WEGO is playing someone multiplayer. While I do miss the ability to play back a minute of combat from a variety of angles, I find one minute turns allows too much to happen that control is in the hands of the AI and while the AI is good, it can't handle all situations. I remember well one game where a squad of infantry ran blindly into the area of artillery airburst. The rounds started falling at about 10 seconds into the turn and I could do nothing but silently rage for the next 50 seconds while the pixeltruppen faithfully held to their orders
  22. That was a fun one for sure. I fared better. Only 4 KIA and 1 Wounded and stopped the Russians cold in their tracks. I anticipated the likely approach and weighted the defense to counter that approach. My assumption was correct and the enemy forces paid heavily for it. Definitely worth another play through or two.
  23. I loved it to. The command squad really distinguished themselves with the amazing way they ran like madmen, jumping and dodging the rain of grenades and arty fire. That's the way to draw fire boys, and let the enemy reveal themselves. They get a guest slot on Dancing With The Stars after that performance. Victory and no casualties.
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