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  1. Thank You, Hubert, although that does not bode well for my "Brilliant Plan" :eek:
  2. I'm playing European Theartre for WaW and I've a question on whether Scripts always come "true". I am the Allies and want to "roll-up" Africa before the Germans can land the Afrika Krops. However one script states that the Afrika Krops will appear at a certain time. If the Allies control all ports, will the script still be enacted?
  3. I'm stuck in Afrika. I own Tobruk and the road leading to Alexandria, which I'm currently trying to attack. However it seems I'm out of supply and my attacks are now very weak, movement is restricted. I have two leaders in placed with my units, but i do not understand why my units have fallen so short, How can I keep the supply constant and what use are the leadership pieces? I'm hoping someone can advise me on what to do, or else I'll be stuck in the sand for a very long time
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