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  1. False alarm. The hits were there but were hard to find even with Mord's decal mod. I found them mostly from inside the tank.
  2. Just was doing the training campaign (1st mission). Not all my hits, especially on tanks, are not showing (no hit decals). Some are showing. I am using Mords? hit decals because I thought I was just not seeing where the round hit. I'm positive something is up.
  3. Sorry kevinkin and John Kettler for not responding right away. Real life gets in the way sometimes. Thanks for these suggestions as well and I will certainly look in to them. Thank all you guys for your help. I have started reading FM 100-2-1 and its a great read although dry due to being a field manual and all. Thats definitely OK when you're looking for real infromation. I am definitely starting to figure out soviet doctrine a little and is helping me. Ron
  4. No DMS, question is not geared toward any specific unit or fighting. More geared to general tactics. I never really fully understood the echelon of units in an offensive way. With the two up, one back most armies use echelon in attack. it seems there has always been a lot of talk about the Russians using human wave. I just never really understood what that entailed. I'm slowly learning through all the great knowledge on this board how the Russians fought. Recon push vs recon pull. I was curious from watching Red Thunder videos how most players were using the Russians. Tactically it seems most armies used similar tactics. Where they differ is operationally which is not the level CM is modelling. At least that was where my confusion was. Thanks for your input DMS Ron
  5. Thank you George. That should keep me going for a while. A search of Jason's posts also yielded good results. I should glean whatever I need from all the valuable information you guys provided. Thanks all again. Ron
  6. Thanks 76mm I was thinking of going that way. I'm still hoping for a good book on the subject.
  7. I see most good players playing the Russian side as if they were other country's units (ie:western tactics). What exactly were the Russian small unit tactics? Was it like small human wave tactics not caring about casualties or what? Did they use fire and maneuver tactics? Base of fire, etc? If not a book, can the grogs write up something answering my questions? Thank you. Ron.
  8. Which would be the best 3 scenarios (whether came with game or modded) to play for the following 3 modules (ie: 3 for each): Vanilla Marines British I don't have Nato but if you want to add for others be my guest. Thanks! Ron
  9. Hey guys I was watching ND's Twitch TV about Red Thunder. During it I noticed as he scanned the camera the leaves of the trees disappeared. It was just around the camera point. Is that just in Red Thunder or is it in Normandy also. I have version 2.12 but I couldn't find any setting to allow this including Alt T.
  10. I posted this on the 1C forums but I see more traffic here. If there are any, what area and time period? The reason I am asking is because I have come to really enjoy the series. I think even a modern setting would be great. I realize it will be competing with the Combat Mission series (which I also own) but there are certain advantages to this series such as: being able to move individual soldiers; formations; stances; choosing your weapons both personnel and vehicle; and many others. Please 1C, don't let this series become extinct. I also play Men of War. But by far this is the closest thing to a combat sim. I would love to see what this series could do with modern weapons. Great company 1C! Keep up the good work and I'll keeping doling out the green. How does the community feel about a new title covering modern (Vietnam and beyond)? Ron
  11. Lanzfeld, I totally agree. I always play WEGO so I would also like to see the ability to name the number of rounds to be put on a target. (ie: Tank #1 - 2 HE rounds on that building to the left of the mosque). Probably too difficult to code. Ron
  12. Thanks Moon and Sneaksie for the quick response. I figured as much as I have never had any problems with any of 1C or Battlefront's products. Ron
  13. This file (virus?) was found in 3 places: \MissionEditor\Editor.exe \MissionEditor\SimpleEditor.exe \Options.exe Ron
  14. Battlefront and 1C This may be a false alarm but after downloading Kursk 1943 today my AVG antivirus detected a virus as follows in the default download location : D:\program files\battlefront\1C Company\Theatre of War 2 Kursk...etc. It read as follows: virus found Win32/Heur I hope it's just a false alarm. I have running AVG Free 8.5.436. I don't want to give misleading information so here it is. AVG did not detect the virus when it was first downloaded. I played Kursk awhile and then left the computer. When I came back to the computer later on that is when the virus was detected. I did open Mission Editor to have a look and also Options when I was fooling around with Kursk earlier. It may have attached at that time (maybe?) Ron
  15. 1.)Do the British have different tactics for their forces or are they too similar to US forces not to matter much? 2.)Do the British ride their IFVs (carriers) into battle until they receive fire or do they dismount prior to battle if they can? 3.)Are there any web souces, books about British tactics that the grogs or others could recommend? 4.)Are most tactics today Brute Force? (ie: see enemy, pound him with artillery and missiles) Is there any maneuvering involved? 5.) Where are the grogs like JasonC who used to love and teach us about the intricacies of tactics and the different nation forces? I miss the the old postings of CMx1 days when people talked tactics and how to maneuver different forces. I've tried to read different field manuals and such but most are just filled with extraneous information that doesn't really apply to this or any other simulation.They are also dry and boring. I also like looking at different AARs but most just show or tell how different forces maneuver not the why. I want to know why that squad was set up there and not there. Are they setting up a support by fire position or are they maneuvering to get there? That is the kind of information I crave. There are some great websites out there such as Armchair General but even there in their tactics article there is just so much extraneous info that unfortunately doesn't apply. 6.) Anybody willing to do such a detailed AAR? Even a small one? And explain why they are doing this or that? Because this is such a great sim I would like to learn such real world tactics as would apply here. Especially the differences (even though small) of the different nations tactics and how they use their available equipment? I'm asking a lot ain't I? Thanks in advance to all who respond! Ron
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