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  1. I think there are many laptops in that dollar range that have graphics cards. MSI comes to mind, but so many other outfits market within that price point and are well suited to run today's wargames. If I needed a new PC and I asked at random for a friend to buy me a 1500 dollar gaming machine I would not return it based on the brand name. The differences are really minor.
  2. No. Just local humor in the US. Many people call their states the People's Republic of California, People's Republic of New Jersey etc.. The first time I ever heard it used was by a friend who lives and rural Massachusetts i.e. People's Republic of Massachusetts. Generally a joking phase by business owners in response to over taxation, regulation and lax immigration rules.
  3. You might have a problem shoving off unless someone choppers in cases of Tito's. But then again, the passage is only 4 days to the US. Think I would rather exit The People's Republic of Germany and get to more familiar territory with family and friends. Two bottles and a deck of cards = a party to pass the voyage away with. If a little luck, 2 bottes grows to 2 cases for the shore house. Nice.
  4. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33744/b-1b-bombers-fly-with-ukrainian-flankers-and-migs-over-the-black-sea-for-first-time-ever
  5. Good news in the scheme of things: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html The current estimate is a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and projects a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate to 0.26% almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago. Early data. But flat out data. Go Cards! BTW.
  6. The beauty of a tactical wargame like CM is the seamless gameplay that allows the player to go from low to higher level of situational awareness when planning the same turn. Not really realistic in a strict sense. But without that ability the the product would not be all that fun to play. So we are actually allowed a company commander's level of awareness while planning at the squad leader level. Over the years, players have experimented with playing at only ground level (no over head view). It's interesting to try, but never caught on. Kevin
  7. I understand your point completely. I am not sure this type of multiplayer is all about radio commands per se but where Command orders maneuvers when they can't see the terrain other than on a map or within their immediate LOS. The pixel Commander might have to run around in a confused tactical situation with a lot of FOW and at times position (not fire) light MGs and mortars. And then run over to a radio or to another a subunit "face to face" to issue orders related to the local situation. If anyone has read "Clay Pigeons of St. Lo" , you might understand the Command problem. Translating that into a wargame does not produce a sexy wargame. There is a game in development called Radio Commander that's in early stages. But I would not be interested unless the Commander can move outside of their bunker and have some ability to fire at targets. Always been interested in rules sets placed on top on commercial wargames. They are difficult to pull off without finding players really dedicated to the process. Kevin
  8. Posted since the concept with respect to WW2 ground combat blindsided me and the concept might be of passing interest here. I think you give orders to a referee that tries to execute those orders in a fair way for both sides. Very old school coop wargaming technique that I believe the Naval War College has used for years. What really got me was the crazy terrain depicted in the screen shots. Kevin
  9. There has been a lot of software over the years to do this. But, I don't know anyone who has adopted personal software to design something as costly and complex as a home. Sure, you can tinker with things and get ideas over a few drinks etc.. And have fun zooming around the would be house. Best to find the land you want to build on, buy it, and then engage local builders who know the regulations for that jurisdiction. Unless the requirements are very specific, buying large acreage and putting a modular home on it can be very cost effective. But be mindful of the cost of tying into utilities and long driveways that require snow removal and other maintenance. While on a business trip years ago I downloaded landscape software just to kill time ... and that's all it did. Kevin
  10. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/05/11/colonel-croesus-turn-10/
  11. This might of interest to some folks. Other than Magnus, most of the best are going at it at 10AM tomorrow east US time. In these days, it sort of substitutes for the final round of the Masters. But a lot quicker. The live coverage is actually well done and the NFL should take note. Do I need to listen to a raving mad Bradshaw again and again? Even if you are not into chess, how it's covered online might spark some thoughts on how other industries might proceed under lock downs. https://www.chess.com/news/view/fide-chess-com-online-nations-cup-day-5
  12. Of course. We just don't make a habit of making jack asses out of ourselves. Tends to be dangerous in NJ. Which might explain why you hightailed it to CA.
  13. Checkmate ... now you have been exposed again as the village idiot.
  14. And Marx took a dump and it became ... alfred newman.
  15. Can't cite any sources since this is new situation and can't be studied in a controlled fashion. However, immediately (say March 1) going to 50% occupancy for indoor places of business and wearing face coverings indoors would have been a way to balance the infection rate and the unemployment rate. In NJ, they first closed all restaurants and bars on March 17, then 6 days later everything closed but places to get food, booze and keep your house and car maintained. Then ~2 weeks later they required face coverings indoors. Then they closed parks and golf. Then they opened parks and golf at 50% due to public pressure. Very haphazard. Now we are going to work backwards by opening back up to 50% maybe sometime in June. Restaurants are praying for outdoor dining by Memorial Day weekend. If so, it will be the biggest tailgate party ever. There is no way to know if closing at 50% on March 1 would have been as effective as 100% on March 22. But if the goal was 6 feet apart to avoid 6 feet under, I think it was likely achievable at 50%. Since we are going to be at 50% anyway, why not go there initially especially in less populated areas of the country? A targeted response was more appropriate and likely how it will play out the next time. Like I said before, we have to learn to live with this and other new viruses and we can't do that sitting on the couch. https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/496586-the-burden-of-proof-lies-with-economic-lockdown-proponents We can and do at times. But the law does not officially allow it. I like the fact the wife does not have too. I suppose I would have to fill her car. Just another little thing to plan for. BTW NJ has a higher per capita income than CA (3rd in the nation; 1st apart from the DC area) and is the most densely populated state. So while pumping, look around pick up the human feces. It's a civic "duty". CA is a beautiful state, but it's urban areas are giving it a bad rap.
  16. Don't confuse LA with New Jersey. Those are fighting words. We in NJ at least pick up our dog's ****. They don't even pick up human **** in California. Just give it a year ... it will be proven that the spread in the NE came into JFK Newark and Boston. And that the spread in the NE closed the entire US economy. The west coast has little to do with why we are all closed down. Think. Wall Street. And the NE media corridor. In what jurisdictions were mild mitigation policies ever considered? Seems the hammer and sickle came down around St. Patrick's day and no one had a say in the matter.
  17. It could be due to "strains" but more likely due to the population density in NYC and the fact that people there are living on top of each other. That is, many multigenerational apartments where a bedroom serves as a nursing bed for an elder. Especially a problem in Brooklyn and Queens. Some elders just want to die at home. I don't blame them. Grandma might be cured of the China virus and then pass away from a urinary infection developed in the hospital. Our elders know that going to a hospital is very risky one way or the other. Again, if the POTUS closed travel from Europe the same day as he did China, the US would be open to a large extent and only perhaps 10 or so million would be out of work. A Recession vs a Depression. The POTUS made a bad audible at the line of scrimmage.
  18. Nay ... any Guy from Boston can be my wingman once salty pubs open up along the shore. The worst of this is not getting to "discuss" face to face and agree to disagree over shots. Voltaire would have been as pissed as we are now. Nothing enlightening going on at all for the past 2 months. Nada. Kevin
  19. Not sure what you mean. Many Universities are public and many K->12 schools are private. I think you meant all K->12 schools are teaching courses fit for all Universities and all Universities are teaching courses fit for all K->12 schools. This is just not the case. K->12 Schools in NJ taylor their daily teaching to the community and individual students they serve. Tell that to a student getting a Bachelor's Degree in chemical engineering who has a guaranteed 6 figure entry level job at a company like Exxon. Knowing who Voltaire is isn't going help you size a pump to efficiently and safely transfer a volatile liquid from tank A to tank B. If the engineer fails at that, workers die and the engineer is fired. It will not even help at the company xmas party. Some of our society's most important skills are learned in STEM. Learning about Voltaire is an elective. I would never discourage anyone taking philosophy 101 as an elective to fulfill a requirement for graduation. But an engineering student might want to take additional classes in chemistry or electronics etc. with the same money. Knowing who Voltaire is does not provide any tangible advantage to STEM students or others in technical fields like medicine. But I would 100% expect an engineering student would know who Gibbs is. However, I do not expect a newly educated voter will enter the booth thinking … gee what did Voltaire or Gibbs think about anything a century ago. Kevin
  20. Please elaborate on this since in America memorization is used as a technique only for items like multiplication tables and at an early age. Talk to any educator - memorization teaches focus at a young age. It is a basic tool. Then it can be used a lot less when kids move on to high school with reading writing and and math skills learned in elementary school in place. Some skills require memorization so those skills become second nature early in life. And last a lifetime. As far as "understanding" - that is not the role of public education unless it's related to (for example) a 10th grader understanding why the moon orbits around the Earth and at what distance. But the understanding you are mentioning implies political indoctrination. Youth will form their political ideas based on life experiences, not sitting in a classroom falling asleep to Plato's Cave. You can't go very far in life without memorization at an early age; but a life can certainly crash upon accepting the "understanding" and drinking the kool aid from those who have no interest in anyone as an individual. Those who are just trying to keep their tenured jobs teaching social science as if it were a natural science . Kevin
  21. Glad to hear about your paper products. Number 2 sandpaper just won't do. We talked about the packaging requirements commercial vs retail. And I do say the supply is back to about 50% as observed over the past few days. The supply chain has adapted. Even seeing big bags of apples like you mentioned re: potatoes. I stated that the data was being massaged, not inflated. It could go either way, and in my personal view the numbers of deaths will be deemed overstated when all is said and done - but it will take years for this to be proven. Yes. I am going by annedotical info provided by doctors in Monmouth County NJ that I have known for years. Would I take a stock tip from them ... maybe not. If they are informing me on how the China virus health care costs will be finance ...yes. Kevin
  22. The key question will be did a person die because of the effects of the China virus or died with it in their system from another reason. How those numbers are registered at the county level and further massaged while passing through states into the CDC is very important. I have read that hospitals are getting additional funding if they declare a patient that they care for is China virus positive regardless of the symptoms. And more money if they die in their care regardless of the symptoms. Why? Elective procedures are way down and declaring a China virus patient is a fiscal band aid. I wish to be proven wrong because this scenario is scientifically horrible. Locally in NJ, I have been told that this is happening. Not that it will bring back a life, but inaccurate classifications will not help us figure out how to handle the the next outbreak. In the end, the direct China virus deaths will have been deemed overstated because the classifications are being massaged. But it will take years to prove I am right or wrong. By that time we will be talking about another China outbreak if we don't learn from this one. Kevin
  23. And think about the vacancies in college dorms and college spaces across the US. All with wifi and pretty much ready to go for business to use the space.
  24. Starting to wonder if the mega cities trend is off the menu now in the US and worldwide in general. Hearing a lot of young people in the US are now scared to death to live on top of each other and want to move away from potential epicenters like New York City and mostly work from home or at times a rented suburban office space as needed. Hearing a lot of young people with rented apartments in NYC are now living with parents is the suburbs because of the China virus. And these kids are the cream of the crop – Ivy MBAs. There is a lot of empty suburban office space vacant up and down the NE corridor. Been that way for years now as young graduates went into NYC and other urban areas for various reasons. Just a tip guy$. Not saying the mega cities trend is going away for the long run in developing countries … but there is a lot of suburban office capacity to be filled in the US in the short term while people are being careful. Kevin
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