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  1. I too am sorry if I appeared to be too sensitive with your comments. I know there have to be limitations on movement. And actually I have spent a lot of time playing this game. I try to follow the rules and have lots of HQ's around. Perhaps they should have an increased positive effect on supply and movement since they are so expensive to purchase. I am actually kicking butt as the Axis. In fact India just surrendered as I was typing this.But the Yanks are on the move again in the pacific. But the AI seems to be wasting lots of units on poorly planned amphibious landings around the DEI. I ju
  2. I actually had two HQ's within 2 tiles of the unit that wouldn't move north. I will wait for the patch and see how that plays out. And of course I always appreciate comments from Xworm. You think the supply and movement is perfect and can't be improved upon. However, I think that overall the game is very entertaining and has a lot of replay value, but if I had the power to make changes I would take a second look at the extreme effects of supply, too resticted movement rules and uber tactical bombers.
  3. Hubert, If there are impassible tiles in China is there a map that marks these tiles so they can be avoided? I had a Japanese infantry unit strength 13 sitting at Rangoon. He would not move one inch to the north. So I finally spent the money and operated him to the tile just south of Chittagong, thinking I was back on track. Well, next turn the only thing that unit would do is move one tile south. So I spent the next several turns getting that unit back to Rangoon where I had to use Amphibious transport to get him to Chittagong. What a fiasco.
  4. Well, if the unit sat there for two turns, no combat, then it would have had 28 days to march one tile in any direction. It is a real momentum killer to find out after several turns that a stupid unit you were counting on can't move anymore.
  5. Yes, that pesky Malta. My only point is that supply plays an out of proportion role. It is a supply game not a war game. I have a unit in China that I can't move. He has been in Ranroon for so many turns I lost count. I finally spent an exhorbitant amount and Operated him 4 tiles to the north which is one tile south of Chittagong. I have 2 HQ's nearby but that damn unit still won"t move one tile north into that city. I'm trying to get that unit into the front lines which is my assault on Calcutta. But HE WON'T MOVE. I am ready to shelve this supply game. I get too ticked off and it isn't fun
  6. I HOPE that that supply is going to be addressed in the patch. I am playing the AI and I'm the Axis. It is early 1943 and I have taken China. I had five really good units and an HQ and chased down the Chinese units all the way to Urumchi. But now, thanks to the damn supply and very limited movement, these units will be lucky to get back to the front lines before the war is over. It is driving me nuts the way supply works. One minute my units in North Africa have a 5 or 6 for supply(I'm just holding the line around the depression) and the next turn, without me moving any unit, the supply drops
  7. I would rework supply. It is too sensitive. By that I mean too many factors have too much of an effect on it which in turns reduces it too much. I would make supply 10 to start with (always)and then let some factors influence it but not so drastically. So going below 70 percent was unusual. And a unit could ALWAYS move one tile in any direction in one turn. I would scale back the effects of the uber-tactical bombers. No air attack could reduce a ground unit below a strength of 5. Do not let airstrikes decimate an entire front line of hundreds of thousands of men in one turn. So if you have
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