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  1. Seems nobody noticed the 'probably' in my post. I wanted CMFB to be the game that got me playing CM again. I had hoped that it would introduce either something new, or improve some aspects of the game that I find frustrating. I have supported Battlefront over the years (CMBO, BB, AK, Shock force + 2 modules, CMBFN plus CW, CMFI plus GL). i think it's useful to say why your 'probably' not going to buy a product, as it IS useful data for the devs. Oh and Warts n all, I really did have look at my posting history. I'll probably leave it at that as I don't want to get in any trouble!
  2. Gripe or fact? Wow - you have a great memory! I had to look up my posting history to find out what I'd posted lol
  3. Unfortunately there will be no gameplay upgrades - which will probably mean I will not buy this game.
  4. Has burning buildings and spreading flames been added yet, those would be compelling new features that would tempt me to buy.
  5. So apart from bees, no new features then? And this is a new game family! Is this confirmed?
  6. So no new features in the game engine - is that correct??? ......... Really ??
  7. Great news - well done Battlefront! Any news on the effect of flames: burning buildings, spread of dire? I didn't see Molotov cocktails in the weapons list.
  8. Not sure about the bright blue cushions the tank rider is sitting on, is that standard issue?
  9. Steve, your explanation of how's things are hinges on the best use of ATGs, in CM, is in prepared positions, you go on to say that re-enactors swivelling a gun is an unrealistic example, because in real life, for instance, the ground would be uneven - there would be logs/boulders in the way to inhibit the rotation of the gun. Well, in a prepared position (your preferred location for a gun in CM) surely there we be no such obstacles, because the position has, well, been prepared........ I'm glad you're looking at this, I'm not expecting miracles - but some change is needed.
  10. The AT Guns thread to do with some Battlefront love too, you know
  11. No comments from the devs then............... I'd like to see some improvements too. I think the comments re not being able to reverse the guns and not being able to move the guns without having to wait 4 minutes are fair criticisms of the game as it stands right now. Improvements in this area would be nice. So how about a comment from Steve: are you totally happy with ATGs as they are at the moment and see no need for improvements, or are they somewhere on a to do list.......... Inquiring minds need to know )
  12. For me - decals don't add any functionality, so would be way down my list, fire first, please! Actually fire is above tank riders too. Surely fire would have to added, before the "packs" come out.......... otherwise the packs won't include any of the flame vehicles/units in them. In order for upgrading version 3 backwards to CMFI/BN, surely fire, would already be in the game.......... well that's the way I see it anyway. Fire is such a big bone, i'm sure they're saving it up for later, in order to "fan the flames" a little more........... either that, Or Steve, put us out of our misery now,
  13. Great news !!! But fire is a must have....... I can't imagine the collective meltdown if it's not included in version 3.
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