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  1. nice mod mate...but why are you using sounds from my SFX mod without permission ? I want not complain,but ask me would have been ok ! thx Stephsen
  2. oh ok right ^^, i would draw up a SFX winter Sound-Mod (after I put the patch ready for SFX 1.2.5) with new impacts,steps and other sounds for a good winter atmosphere Greetz
  3. Nice, a question is the Muzzleflash worked with the big tanks-Guns or only for small arms ?
  4. Amazing ! thx for your hard work ...nice pics men edit: see some battlefront after a permanent workplace !
  5. @Sabot6 what for a operating system you used ? ...or maybe update the Sound-card driver. i worked at the moment on a patch with focus balance,Keep the eyes open . @phil the incoming whooosh sound is difficult to hear when the spotter call the artillery but not the motar on the map (is a game failure not my fault) trouble with the german voices ? mh ,i can hear it...someone here with the same problem ?
  6. hell i think its time to i wanna play CMFI too ...nice work Aris !
  7. mh Sorry Guys but the DL works fine for me, i dont understand it. I have a really bad upload connection yet ,when someone have this file V1.2.5 Please uploaded it on Cmmods ,you have my permission thx
  8. Sorry i forgot, Yes its compatible with "Mords_Immersive_American_Voices_Mod_V1.0A !
  9. Hi mates, the new SFX version (V1.2.5) is upload on filefront (i have a bad upload connection and CMMODS has canceled the upload, but you have my permission to uploadet it on CMMODS) Whats new ? -added some german Speak files (beta) edit: more speak files will follow -reworked many sounds and balance it (Guns,explosions and more) -some file fixed install ! Remove all other Soundmods before use this ! SFX-mod is a full Sound-overhaul. Unzip the archiv ,put the SFX folder in the Data/Z folder,thats it ! http://www.gamefront.com/files/22663722/SFX_1.2.5.rar have fun Che
  10. Hi mates, Sorry for my limited information politics,im at present to a visit my parents in Austria and will be back home in a few days.The new version is to 99% ready and shall uploading when im back. New features: -added and balanced all Gun sounds -added new German Speaksounds -balanced explosiv sounds -and a some fixed Cheers Stephsen
  11. Hi mates, Update is on the way (V.1.2.5) ,few days and its ready for upload. Best Regards Stephsen
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