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  1. Drats! Same thing with me, just downloaded the patch and I got the Norton issue with a 'suspicious file' alert MH69O.A. It quarantined the the .exe file so now I can't play the game at all. Is there a fix?
  2. Newbie here.....bought this after recently buying SC: Pacific War and really liking it. So I started my first game as the Germans and can't for the life of me figure out how to declare war on Belgium. Can't find any reference in the manual regarding how to delcare war either. What am I missing?
  3. Thanks for the very prompt reply....about to load up the game now and will look for it!
  4. Yes, I am very late to the show on this game but I just purchased it a couple of days ago and am getting into it. Quick question....the allow 'undo action' option...the manual tells how to set it up but I can't find any reference to how you actually use it in-game. How do you undo an action? Thanks.
  5. Any suggested scenarios for a beginner? Low unit density, not overly complex situations....to learn the basics. Thanks.
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