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  1. @WhiteWolf65glad you got your issue resolved. i am getting hit with the "no activations remaining" message. never did care for BF's installing issues. more complicated than it needs to be.
  2. Ha! Thanks for that explanation but I pretty much knew that since I know this game better than my wife!! Your misunderstanding that I am not asking to change the game. My original response was to "players testing out scenarios for pathfinding issues". I was just stating that I disagreed with that and that the QC guys are tasked with that. We all know the shortcomings of the engine and when making a map or scenario the "pathfinding" point should be close to the top of the priority list.
  3. Not exactly sure what you are talking about. What I am saying is that once said scenario or QB map is created the author would either test any possible "problem" areas by firing it up in the game or ask a couple volunteers to test out before releasing. What I am saying is that if these scenarios are being play tested by the "QC" committee from BF then they should be doing the testing. Yeah, sometimes things get missed but everyone knows pathfinding is an issue with this game and should be high up on the list of things "to check".
  4. Ha. I have not visited the forums in awhile and totally forgot I even "pre-ordered". Guess I was not really missing anything.
  5. Shouldn't the quality team or creator of the scenario / map have "pathfinding" on the checklist before release?? I don't think the consumer should have to test.
  6. This has been an issue for a "long" time now. Thought it might have been treated in the most recent patch but it has not. Playing an updated CMBN game right now and still seeing the same issue you are above. About all you do is run that squad back towards the lazy MF'ers that refuse to get up and run. Once they get close enough they will tell them to get off their asses and rejoin the squad. Frustrating, I know. Unless your micromanaging every squad it is easy to miss sometimes.
  7. This is great! @sttp Appreciate the time you put into this. Thanks.
  8. Good call on the NVME card. Those things fly. My son's laptop SSD went and I replaced it with one. It surprised me how fast it booted up. Should help you in loading up your CM if you keep it on that drive.
  9. I would appreciate if someone can hook me up with Marco's mod for CMRT. It is not uploaded to CMMODS yet. Thanks.
  10. Related. Just happened to be searching about fatigue/exhaustion and seen this post.
  11. i would install. I am pretty sure the "bug" you talk about is the issue with troops retreating TOWARDS the enemy lines instead of away. The other issue of infantry bugging out was fixed but this must be a side effect of that? Who knows how long you will be waiting for a patch to fix the patch, so I would move forward and play.
  12. Will is correct. I duplicated this. Those two buildings, the farmhouse and the small one next to it, do not block LOS for some reason. I opened the editor and put the exact same buildings on the map but in different spots but they DID block LOS. I also replaced the two "problem buildings" with a random different building and the new buildings DID block the LOS. ????
  13. Nice little scenario. Scored a Major Victory with the Allies. The "Hull Down" command sure comes in handy. Thanks for this one.
  14. I am game to try real time. What time zone are you? I am in PA. Computer time is usually any night from 1100pm to 1am.
  15. you mean like this? The Brew crew who is Elite decided to punt out the conscript crew in the King Tiger to take over control. They lie in the snow trying to determine who will have to be the odd man out riding on the back of that PSW! My conscript Tiger is now Elite!
  16. deleted post. I solved my issue by uninstalling and then re-installing.
  17. Anyone else seeing this problem when trying to install the patch. I have my game on an alternate drive. Not my main one. I tried unzipping to that drive and then installing and also installing from inside the game folder. I keep getting the same message. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Put your bunker in the middle of a field of bushes. That will stop bullets and tank rounds
  19. Ha! Did you just type "snark". I would say "****-talkin". That's not his voice. That is from "go-animate"
  20. sometimes the KISS approach is best. Pics of carnage and a very brief overview of your plan/thoughts. I kind of doze off reading a lot of the long drawn out ones. just my opinion.
  21. The "other" game simulates this nicely by showing the tracks as the vehicle drives and then they fade away after a couple seconds. I am sure that is their way of dealing with this being a resource hog. No multiplayer in this game allows them not to worry about the issues that we see in CM.
  22. See you are fairly new around here but this topic has been going round and round for years now! Just wait until you have a nice little shot lined up just to have your AP shell deflected by a bush or two. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/96083-tree-force-fields/?page=3 Of course the bush will be defoliated, which is a good thing . I guess.
  23. I do not think it is a matter of not showing them to keep the game running smoothly on older computers but rather a limitation of the game code. If you had the older CM2 games you would know that running over fences and hedgerows and also driving through water gives away the positions of your vehicles causing that even though none of your units have a spot on that said unit. The way the system is now you would be able to track your enemies by watching their snow tracks. I do agree with you though that it would greatly increase the immersion of the game.
  24. I back the OP. I have observed the same behavior in playing the demo.
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