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  1. You could conceivably agree with your opponent any kind of house rulevin this regard, i.e. lets pause every 60 seconds, give orders and unpause etc. This particular exemple would replicate the old tcp ip mode. But it would also be nice to have an inbuilt feature that would allow you to set up regular pause intervals without player intervertion, I presume that was what you meant?
  2. Yeah, maybe I have missed where this bit has been discussed more in detail elsewhere, but I ve always wondered what kind of customer base research has led BFC to that conclusion. Questionnaire filled in by random sampling of online purchasers?
  3. Quick one Moon, You mentioned that future customers will be able to buy the old CM:BN without the upgrade at a discount from the CM:BN upgraded to 2.0, correct? Out of curiosity can you give us now any rough idea on how much will that discounted price will compare to what we paid for CM:BN at the original release? And the CM:BN 2.0? In other words will this equation somehow hold: Old CM:BN price + Upgrade price = New CM:BN 2.0 price?
  4. Lol. Cant think at all of a place where that may happen almost every other post! Can you?
  5. Notwithstanding the validity of Steve´s justification/explanation or lack thereof, it is indeed an interesting market that where the sellers can allow themselves to call their own clients "insane". Cant wait to know more about those Upgrade fair prices!
  6. Re price is this comment an indication about these new upgrades/patches? or is it about something else I am taking out of context?
  7. Haven´t been able to read all pages in this thread yet, but I am struggling to understand why BF as decided to make us pay for patches for old versions following release of new ones? From what I read I may be the only one that think this is a pity? :confused: . Is there any indication of the price range for those patches? Are we talking a token 3-4 USD kind of thing? or more like a half game price at the 20-40 USD range? None of the above?
  8. By the way, big thanks to Bimmer for organising such a great tourney! It shows that things dont need to be overly complicated to be fun, nabla etc Hope there will be more!
  9. I meant area fire indeed. That d be (good) news actually! Although I have the feeling is not correct. Can anyone confirm or otherwise? The manual suggests that the area fire is actually tied to the underlying AS albeit spread over the whole AS as the firing unit first fire to one side of the AS then the opposite etc. But still tied to that AS.
  10. By the way, force fire is definitely constrained by action spots but what about AI fire? I mean, when an AFV AI decides to fire to a just spotted enemy squad on the run, is it also constrained by action spots or fires direct to the seen contacts? Stupid question and I am sure there is a probably good coding answer but, if we can fire at direct contacts anywhere they are, and presumably not in an action spot center, why isnt equally possible to force fire to any point in LoS in the same way?
  11. Remember that infantry quality is also a big factor in casualty effectiveness. If your opponent outside the building is green or inexperienced etc it also matters a lot and it may give a false impression the building is giving you more protection than it it really is.
  12. Combat Mission Craft Only real time, we will have to hunt for ore, gold and oil ressources to be able to produce units faster than our opponent. There will also be a tech tree we could research on, including end game weapons such as Philadelphia Effect and time travel options.
  13. Hey Odin, already sent you a dropbox invite. Will send the 1st turn in after I finish set up!
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