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    For me, the one thing I do not like about the way Battlefront operates is the key system having limits and we customers being forced to rely on Battlefront to use a product we bought and paid for.
    I recently had to replace a hard drive.   Except when I went to unlicense my copies, it would not work.  I tried contacting Battlefront only to have my emails rejected..  I could not wait and ended up taking care of things on my end.   Now for the last 3 weeks I have been trying to get a response out of Battlefront even here on the forums because every email I send them is being rejected by their servers.. and the weird part is the rejection is not happening right away rather days later when I suddenly get an email stating as much.
    I have so far not heard from anyone at Battlefront regarding my request for help even though I also posted over a week ago here on the forums as well requesting it and why.
    I am not a happy customer because I own a number of their products.. and cannot use any of them because I cannot reach Battlefront to fix the issues with the elicense system.   
    If Battlefront were to close up, every single one of us would own hundreds if not thousands of dollars of Battlefront products that we would eventually be unable to use at all because of the way the system locks us out after a few activations.   IF the un-license system were flawless then perhaps it might not be such an issue.. but it is not.
    And THIS is why I think a Steam move would be a good thing for Battlefront, in my opinion.
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