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  1. I'd have to look, can I run a server too? I *might* have some rackspace in a month or so...
  2. Checked just now, the drop team server is not up. :-(
  3. No one was there till 21:50 :-( Better luck next time :-)
  4. Nice to see a new face. Would you be interested in a match, anytime soon?
  5. Online now, if anyone wants to play. I'll hang around for ~30 min
  6. \o/ Though, admittedly, my first thought was "Ut oh, a human! He's gonna kick my behind". You didn't quite manage :-P Tell me more about steel beasts?
  7. Oh well... When's the game today? (if there is one?) I can be online in an hour :-)
  8. I'm online sundays at around 19:00-21:00 UTC... but where is everyone else?
  9. Is there some way for full version players to play against the demo version online? This might be one of the (many) reasons why drop team isn't more popular. Not many people online!
  10. Just tell the bot to stop, and they'll actually do somewhat better (they keep their frontal armor pointed towards threats) Anyway... to test your statement, I went out on the server today and played with 4 ion thors each time. It turns out that 4 ion thors under ai control are *easily* outperformed by 1 ion thor under human control, if only because the bots do not coordinate their fire. *Two* ion thors under human control are much more effective than you'd suspect. Just keep aiming at the impact point/puff of smoke caused by the other human, and you can destroy even a thor relatively qui
  11. LOL :-P Anyway... maybe we could exchange IM addresses via private message or so to set up more meets. More meets is more players, more players is more games, more games is more meets. :-)
  12. :mad: YOU MAGGOTS LEARN THE BASICS. LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT. YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS SIR! IT'S ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK. THE FIRST DUDE TO BREAK FORMATION GETS 20 PUSHUPS. :mad: DROP DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND GIMME 20! <Heh, that's another definition for "drop team" :-P > In other news, I played with Dumbrocket today. (S)he's better than I am ^^;; If other folks want to be able to best Dumbrocket, I think you should also play sometime on weekdays. O:-)
  13. I'm usually online around 20:00-0:00 CEST (18:00-22:00 UTC, 12:00-17:00 EST), and can sometimes be up 'till 02:00 CEST (0:00 UTC, 19:00 EST) or later. Are there other people around who might be up/online/able to play at those times. We could get in more practice, and be able to beat up on the wednesday and sunday regulars :cool:
  14. Oh, you can pull just about anything on me and I don't mind one bit. I mean, maybe you were sacrificing those ewv's and thors in some kind of grand-master chess plan. That'd have been cool! ;-) I'm usually pretty laid back about things, as long as you explain what you're doing in some sane way. I wasn't pissed off so much by what you were doing as I was by your crazy explanations. :-P OHHHH! THAT explains EVERYTHING. This story just gets funnier and funnier. ;-D Dude. Here's the deal: You can mess with any vehicles anyday, even on the same team. Just explain what you'
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