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  1. Congratulations Paper Tiger on your fine The Road to Dinas - Red v Red Campaign. I have only played part of battle the 1st battle as too much work gets in the way of play recently. I am enjoying myself and look forward to getting back to my saved game when I can. So far I am doing OK but since I will be on the Road to Dinas for a month or two at my pace, I am being careful with my units.;)

    I see your development skills are being put to good use with BFC and testing the Brit module. Could this be a Brit Campaign bonus in the offing for us?:cool:


  2. Thanks Dietrich,

    "based on an actual event" ... sounds like a very reasonable way to distill 5 days into two hours.

    With a system reliability in excess of 95% with a published accuracy under 10*metres (33*ft) Circular Error Probable (CEP) one would hope your unit got one of the 95% units, a fully functional JDAM when you are Blue and close.

    In playing CMSF, I've had a JDAM land on my friendly forces when I was pinned and not too careful. Ruins your game day rather dramatically.

    I know nothing about Special Boat Service (SBS) but the equipment issue should be able to be adjusted in the British squad settings.

    Ironic that the US prisoner became the USA media focus and not the 5 Days of The Battle of Qala-i-Jangi.

  3. HWG, Welcome. P4.0 will get tested. As you and other Apple folks know (and BFC after Apple's corkscrewing them in CMx1) native OS function, while not a deal breaker is a deal maker for the curious. How many $$$ that makes for BFC is questionable at best. Won't stop Apple folks from asking for our native share of the CMX2-3 pie.

    IMO Apple's Booty Camp as a sure way to sell more Apple CPUs. I know of several folks who switched because they found OS X easier to live with. They do not play games though.

    If the emulators could evolve enough to do the CM deal then fine.

  4. Here are my test results with a 1 yo macbook pro 2.5 core duo, 4GB RAM, 512MB video ram.

    Tried the VM Fusion 2.0+ free trial. Got the need to update Open GL drivers message. CMSF did not start.

    Is there any way to update Open GL drivers to meet the VM Fusion 2.0 requirements :confused:

    I will try Parallels 4.0 free trial and report.

    Yes dual boot "Booty Camp" is a double kick in the booty.

    The smell of Native OS X CMX2 in the morning will be a more pleasurable double espresso.

  5. The current V1.11 maps work much better for me. Yes, Unit selection just isn't what it should be... and will be changed for Normandy.

    I am not a QB only player. I do enjoy greater randomness that can occur as in the old CMx1 QB options but CMx2 is so much better I easily trade QB for a better game all round. Falconander's suggestion of roll your own is appreciated. In fact making my own small, mundane scenarios helps me understand just how much time Mark, the QBG and all the scenario / campaign designers invest in their work. Thanks to all.

    QB is not perfect but it is much improved in v1.11 IMO.

    McBane, " I remember doing QBs in CMBB and BO and they at least gave you some challenge...." If you really want a challenge, toss some of the scenarios or campaigns that designers have uploaded. Actually, playing with the editor, making a home brew scenario in CMx2 can be a lot of fun. Hang in there for Normandy. Oh, Don't forget to lobby for the OS X versions of CMx2 too:)

  6. CAS... I really like playing missions with air support. Unfortunately, I don't see how I could justify the Rebels having control of the air in my campaign since they didn't have it in 'Hasrabit'. But it's in the early ...

    Hey PT, Not in your campaign but I was thinking what if the rebels snagged a eggbeater(s) in their insurgency? An idea.

    "I have to confess that I really like playing these single company sized actions. "

    Sounds like a winner PT.

    Some screenshots of the new map in action?

  7. I hope the BFC "expectation" becomes a Normandy Mac version simultaneous with the PC release. Booty Camp or an evolved xp emulator may be a work around but CM is play for me. Dual Boot is not a deal breaker but CMX2 titles natively on all my Intel Mac OS box is a Dream Come True ... I hope.

  8. "Although it's a tank battle, it will be your infantry that will win it ... I suspect some of you will hate it though."

    Hate it! Not me. Not folks who enjoy what I consider one of CMSF's more enjoyable features. The games CQ unit fire fights and tactics with the AFV / CAS as A factor but not THE factor.

    OK, I admit I enjoy CAS but that is my personal peccadillo :D

    Thanks PT.

  9. "if it doesn't cost millions then it can't be good" ..."these decisions are also still largely personality driven" ..."working with fickle bureaucracies" ... sounds like a nightmare SIMS adventure;)

    GSX has it right... too many things that the military want, the public doesnt.:(

    Having worked in and around fickle (non military) Guv-Mint bureaucracie$ you are wise to move along your but cultivate those individual instructors who use CM products. One of these guys / gals may be in a position to help in various ways over time.

    Hell, help one soldier stay sharper and healthy is a plus... and money saver for the Military.

  10. (in game action from the mission 'Jameela')

    Sometimes, when you're working on a very large and ambitious project like this, you just hit a wall and feel like giving up and today was one of those days. I've just played some of these missions to death over the last few months and I just don't enjoy playing them anymore.

    PT, Sorry I missed you notes on The Road to Dimas. Away from CPU 'fun time' for work. Hang in there. We do enjoy and appreciate you craft. Keep it fun and healthy for you. We need creative campaigns for nourishing pleasure time in CMSF.


  11. Thanks to all.

    From the Heart..."God I love electronics." :D

    How I fell your pain;)

    Any tips or advice on sonic enhancement or SW settings? I really like parts of Oddball's sound mod but I often use iTunes background music playing simultaneously. I don't want to over punch the OB sounds and the music sounds. I know I could external iPod my way around this or use speakers but then I am back to Mrs Native hearing the explosions from my office. Peace in the house is one factor for the Sennheiser PX 200 mini headphones. The bonus has been the extra aural fidelity. I can not say v.1.11 did the trick because I did not test before the patch from v1.10. Maybe BFC can step in on this issue?

    "Can anyone tell me if the centre channel is used by CMSF?"

    Siv.. Do you have a 5.1 DVD / Audio test source? Make certain your 5.1 system is physically connected correctly and set to operating in Dolby Digital 5.1. I have made the audio mis-connection mistake more than once with mixers and modules, etc. If you are hearing center channel in other games then you should hear center in CMSF if it supports center. Maybe BFC can step in on this issue?

  12. Thanks Stirling. I did use some mini speakers before. I did not know if it was the patch or headphones but it sure sounded like items I did not hear before I could clearly now. Maybe it is both? I also use parts of Oddball's sound mod and often iTunes background music playing simultaneously. Would be a nice feature to allow easy in game play list / shuffle and sound mod selection.

  13. Sound Ideas from the virtually hearing impaired;)

    Santa brought us some Sennheiser PX 200 mini headphones. Work great for the i-doodads and such. Bunged this bad boy into the laptop, fired up CMSF and WOW! I can now hear the fire-fights, footsteps, guttural French slang (just kidding guys, Eh?) and all the sounds I have missed as a result of my years of use & abuse of my hearing.

    How many of you use head phones or speakers?

    What sound equipment do you use?

    Any tips or advice on sonic enhancement or SW settings?


  14. 3. Full game replay, with some features like "book marking" particular points of interest so the instructor can get back specific points of the battle easily. Obviously this is a feature that is of interest to all CM players, but at present we don't think it's possible for us to do it in a way that has much practical appeal to regular gamers (i.e. we think a dedicated computer has to be networked to record the play).

    If I were to use an old but perfectly functional Mac G4 as dedicated computer networked on my home LAN to record the CMSF / Normandy 2009 full game replay would that work? As PC's become obsolete about every three years. I suspect many CMSF folks would have an old PC sitting around or could find one to use for their dedicated networked recorder.

    RT - Full game replay! Now we are talking staggering spectacles of recreation and box office.

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