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  1. Downloaded your panther from GAJ. Crisp, dramatic camo, really like it. Well done sir.
  2. If you make a mod based on one of my mods you may upload it wherever you wish. Will have to make permissions more clear on the mods' readme, but anyone who downloads one of my mods is free to mod it, re-upload it, redistribute it, whatever they wish. So long as no money changes hands I don't mind. Thanks for all the positive comments from everybody by the way. Always appreciated.
  3. After 231, not sure. The greys left that I really want a stab at are the Pz2, Pz1 tank destroyer, Marder3 and the 250's. Of those, sure 250's most popular but it's at least five sets of bmps, which is a bit daunting, and thats just the greys. None the less most likely what I'll go at next.
  4. Feel free to mod the mod, main reason the plain yellow version included. Am happy too for my mods to be redistributed to other sites. Once the 223 is done I'm moving on to the 231 heavy AC. Origonal intention had been to include that vehicle in this upload as well.
  5. Patience has got the better of me and this isn't the uber upload I'd intended. The mod's been ready for a few days but I'd wanted to include the 223 too but still have'nt got it finished. On nights for the next week and the sun beating down during the day means I can't see the screen well enough to mod, so the 223 will follow in about a fortnight. The mod contains a grey, plain yellow and camo'd version of the vehicle. The camo is based upon a model kit pic I found of a Grossdeutschland 222 so I can't vouch for it's authenticity but it looked cool so I copied it best I could. Cheers C
  6. People, people, people. Thankyou so much for all the positive comments, doing the old ego no harm whatsoever, I can tell you. And 55 downloads last I looked, in less than a week, more than the dear 38t managed in a month. The 251 seems to have dragged my other mods up along with it however and all the numbers are up, even the Pz2. That was knocked up one night in less than 12 hours when I'd first discovered Mikey Ds' greys. So all in all its been a very pleasant week. Makes sense ofcourse, the 251, I'm sure, turns up more in OBs' than virtually any other vehicle. Rarely the star but regular
  7. A sad admission, but having played this game on & off since it came out, it was only when I started this mod that I realised there were two distinct 251s. I had 'planned' to do all the grey 251s and then recolor them yellow so I'd done the lot. But it was not to be. For now I'm enjoying doing the mods very much and do intend to just sticking to greys, so hopefully I'll get to the 9& 16. But my next trick will be the grey armoured cars - only three sets of bmps and no track suspension, which is by far the most fiddly bit to do.
  8. Hello. Would just like to draw your attention to a spanking new scratch redraw of the venerable 251C. All three types are included; 251C-1, 2 and 10. Ready and awaiting download in the CMBB Mods Repository. Cheers Chrizwit.
  9. Free to upload my small contribution. From the pics your site looks rather slick by the way.
  10. Cmmods closing is a real shame but life must go on. In between work, kids and a pan fried power unit (also say goodbye to your ram, motherboard and processor), I've been beavering away on a nice shiny new Pz38t mod. And here it is. Had been looking forward to uploading to Cmmods, instead I've uploaded it to Battlefronts CMBB file repository. So do please check out 'Czt Grey Pz38t Redraw' and you'll find the file there. The mod replaces the Pz38t A, E and G and represents a tank from the 19th Panzer division operating on the eastern front in the winter of 1942. Alternative generic m
  11. Gutting that after so many years away just as I get back into mods Cmods is closing. Tried to get on site but after login could get nowhere. Had a few whitewash mods done in 04 but not on my hardrive anymore. Bugger if I can't get back into cmmods, I'll not see them again. Feel rather sad. Still have copies of all MD's CMBB grey panzers and stugs + most of his CMBB yellows, a few gaps in the yellow stug arsenal unfortunately. Oh dear, got to go to work. Sad day.
  12. Thanks for the info UncleTgt. Checked site and looks useful. Cheers Chrizwit
  13. Trying to redo grey Pz38t. Got generic cross on turret side but looks a bit naff there. Did they ever stick the cross on the hull side? But also if possible I'd like to stick some actual div markings on it. Far as I know the 6th & 8th used 38s, any other units? Have seen lots of illustrations with the big red numbers on the side but pretty sure it's Rommels 7th they show and I'd really like the mod to be specific to the eastern front. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks Chrizwit.
  14. Downloaded your mod (and Gautreks tracks) and they're very effective together. But now I see a shedload of pristine afv's with dirty tracks on my screen and one Marder3 that works... So you best get busy;) ...Erm as a junior member, that's if you don't mind ofcourse:o
  15. Er, trying to get a pic up. Ooh; done it. Kind of. Sorted.
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