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  1. thanks for the heads up on the french. ive never realy looked at them because all the allies just lookedf like coppies of american or british forces. ill try them. also how good are teh us 60 mm mortars? thanks
  2. okay. thanks. i generaly try to take them out with mortars but he keeps it hidden untill he has a good target so i cant find out where it is untill he has destroyed something nice. how can i find it before it hurts me. also instead of making a new thread are their any good british infantry in 1945? they all force you to buy rubish mortars, piats that cant do any damage to any of the big german tanks and flamehrowers that are only good in defence. the enginere squads are the only ones that dont but they are so expensive. also this leaves me with so few support points i cant get any AT guns so the armour has to deal with that tiger or stug. not a verry nice way to spend armour points. sorry but i realy need help
  3. now im realy angry. i got a firefly with 3 tungsten shells behind enemy lines and had it come up behind the last known position of one. turns out it knew i was their and was halfway through turning to target me. i managed to get 2 shots at its side/front from about 150M but it was fine and took me down with 1 shot. now im sad
  4. im going to play against my cousin alot soon because im going over soon but i keep loosing as allies. i usuraly get a couple of m10 motor carrages as armour to take out any stugs ( he uses them most) but he also always uses a 150mm infantry gun wich can take it out easily. how can i identify them and take them out easily
  5. thanks allot guys. ill try the firefly again b ut im pretty sure i havent been able to get a kill rating with it. i.e. the thing under the hit percentage says 'none'. wich armoured car is that? because that sounds good.
  6. the german tiger is imense. mto test it i made a ambush scenario where it started in the middle of a wood with no way out suroiunded by 10 piats and 10 bazokas and it still won. at 5m range. how can i kill it? also all the tank destroyers exept the archer cant destroy it quickly enough and the archer has to reverse anywhere so its hard to use. the firefly cant even hurt it. what is he best way to destroy it without artilery/ feild guns? thanks
  7. when i try to install the 1.3 patch it dosent say where to save it to. can anybody help thanks
  8. i haved vista 32bit and the nvidia geforce 8400 gs and i have a bad cascading background problem
  9. i have just tryed to load CMAK onto my vista pc and the game totaly bodged. it is fine when you just load it up but as soon as anything moves on the map it leaves a premanent trail across the screen and as soon as you zoom out you get every veiw that you have been through superinposed onto each other :mad: its totaly unplayable. any ideas???? i have a nvidia geforce 8400 gs card with the latest software. p.s. i dont think its the refreshrates as its not ghosting cus it stays there permanently
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